Saturday, September 14, 2013


meet CHERYL of many hats 

Licensed Cosmetologist.
Mother, Author. Clergy,

Natural Hair Care Stylist.
Mental Health Care Professional.                                 
Board Certified Pastoral Counselor. 
Inspirational Life Coach.

CHERYL the cosmetologist

2007-Present (His Garden Naturals’ Salon Services) NY/Abroad 
2003- 2007 (Mr Don’s Salon) Jamaica, NY
1998- 2002 (Y.O.U Salon) Jamaica, NY
1998-1999 (Mulcare Beauty Studio & Spa) Saint Albans, NY
1995-1997 (Hair Exclusives) Jamaica, NY
1992-1995 (Kuumba Nia) Laurelton, NY
1989-1992 (By anointed Hands Salon Services) Brooklyn/Queens, NY
Education:1997—1998 (LIBS-Learning Institute of Beauty in Sciences) Hempstead, N.Y. License/Certificate: Cosmetology

my Social Scene: 

CHeryl the stylist, formulator & blogger

Nurtured Naturally Blog is owned/edited by Cheryl as an extension "His Garden Naturals." Here, Cheryl provides info about living a nurturing lifestyles regarding natural hair care, and nurturing the body, spirit, home, relationships, family, and work, Also offering discounts, DIY videos/topics, discussion forums and more.

His Garden Naturals' Handcrafted Products:
"His Garden Naturals" Body & Hair Care is Owned & formulated By Cheryl. Cheryl is dedicated and committed to glorifying God in all that she does by serving others in various ways. 
Story Behind Brand:
The Establishment 
"In August 2011, I decided to work on my long-time dream and passion of creating my own line of natural spa and hair products made from certified organic and natural ingredients. I remember recording my first attempt in a journal I purchased to use strictly for His Garden Naturals. Well, my first attempt at making my first batch of body butters was so successful that I asked my salon clients, family and friends to test the product for themselves for a small nominal fee that would be an investment to help me purchase more ingredients and equipment needed that would allow me to make variety of products. The following month, my brother Craig loved the product and philosophy, and immediately invested his time and money into His Garden Naturals by designing the company's logo and helped purchase more quality equipment and implements needed for me to formulate.

  I had begun to sell my first set of body butters and lip balms at community craft and holiday boutiques, a women’s church function, and a salon. I approached the owner of "Vital Health Foods" store to inform him of what I was doing because I had inquired about how and where to order the best ingredients (essential oils, base and natural preservatives to be accurate) about 10 years prior, and he remembered. He quickly advised me and gave me some direction as of where to begin and he also invested in His Garden Naturals by becoming one of my suppliers and investor as well. I brought in some samples of my products and he began to use them on himself and was delighted to sell some of my products in his store. Now I'm continuing to shop my line of products to spas, salons, health food stores, on my website, mail order, local businesses, craft-fairs and other local businesses.

She originally named the product line "God's Garden" but later settled on 'His Garden Naturals' She believes in using her gifts and talent to bless others. Cheryl wanted to make a product that acknowledges the creator (God) as He is the one who has given humanity all things to richly enjoy-Bible (1 Timothy 6:16-18), especially in a society that is constantly denying God's presence, providence and will.

CHERYL THE preacher

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