Tuesday, September 17, 2013


                And......................Hair it is!

Curly, Kinky, Wirey, Coarse, Wavy,Thick, Coily, Super Curly! Are here to stay! Yay!

Well, finally; wearing natural hair is not a fad and it is more socially, emotionally, psychologically and corporately accepted. I see professionals rocking their locks and braids, natural textured hair weaves and wigs, and their own loose kinky or curly hairdos even more today. I'm excited that people are feeling more comfortable with wearing the hair that they were born with and getting away from using the negative term "Bad hair" for coarse/kinky/tightly curly hair.

Unfortunately, we still have those older relatives and friends who are still conditioned (unaware/unconscious) to hate/dislike their own birth-given hair texture and they make negative remarks when you decide to wear your own hair out. This happened to me. I wore my natural hair out and one of my relatives (approximately 10 years older than I) turned up/disfigured his face and asked, "when was I putting my weave back in..." He didn't like "me" as I am... is really what he was indirectly/unaware/ignorantly stating...although he argued against that fact.

Naturally, I defended myself, and revisited our African American history of being taught to hate and deny my African heritage and rather, embrace another culture/race's appearance, and re-educated him on these facts. Consequently, I have received many many compliments from others and have inspired those who are contemplating to go natural. I have also learned to not waste too much time and energy doing this because some just don't want to hear it.
On another note!                 Hair it is!

Hair is large part of many women's adornment/beauty, and protection of her skin. Not this is not to discount the many women who wear bald heads for both beauty, growth issues and medical reasons.

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