Thursday, January 23, 2014

Do men prefer natural beauty? Part I

  It is interesting to know that many men, when asked, prefer natural beauty over hair extensions, false eyelashes and heavy layers of make-up, bright-colored tresses and false nails. When I asked men about this topic they reported that, yes, they may look at women with all of these adornments but personally rather their spouses, mothers, daughters and girlfriends look more natural or at least wear all of the above with moderation and not what they consider excessive. Moreover, some men like the idea of knowing how their significant other genuinely looks without all of the extras. A lot of men say they want to know what you look like when you wake up in the morning.

Conversely, some women will tell you that they have become slaves to wearing make-up and other things to accentuate or ‘enhance’ their natural features that they can’t even imagine leaving the home without any of these ‘enhancements’. They wouldn’t be caught dead without it! These words actually came out of the mouth of women known personally and in passing. Some of them said that when they look in the mirror, all of what they concentrate on are their flaws (blemishes, pimples, moles, skin discoloration, etc.). 

Clearly, these are not all men and women’s sentiments but a great amount of individuals from both sexes share these same thoughts, feelings, and opinions. What are your thoughts and feelings about natural beauty, moderate accessorizing/accentuating, and extravagant and liberal wearing of make-up; hair extensions including false eyelashes; iridescent hair colors; and so on…In researching for similar articles, this article titled, "WHAT MEN REALLY THINK" has with interviews from a few men and their response about the above discussion peak an interest.

 And you're right! There are also men who claim they prefer natural beauty but drool over celebrity women with their beautiful weaves, false nails, heavy makeup and false eyelashes. 

Interestingly, there are men of the opposite race/culture who appreciate another race/culture’s natural beauty in regards to African American/Black women’s natural texture compared to men of that same race/culture. Wonder why?

Is it true that white men appreciate natural hair more than Black men do?

is honest about his insecurities that cause him to not appreciate his wife's decision to wear her hair natural. He discusses the socialization of black men and how they have trouble embracing natural black hair styles and textures. The author also shares his childhood and adolescent years of being around black women within the church, school and home, who put relaxers in their hair so he didn't exactly grow up with the women who embraced their African-heritage or kinky-coily-curly texture. This proves the point made in a previous post here about the brain-washing, self-hatred, conditioning and ignorance that still exist in many communities and within family concerning this issue. Check out the article. Very interesting:

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