Thursday, May 1, 2014


Don’t like to leave out taking care of the scalp with hair care. The two are a team, attached, bonded and connected.

1.      Neglect
2.     Smother
3.     Unprotect
4.    Overstretch

Yep! Think about it!

A.   We can neglect our hair by neglecting to feed, moisturize and nourish it.
B.   We can nourish it by eating healthy, applying products with herbs, vitamins and natural humectants.
C.  We neglect our hair by not cleansing, treating, conditioning or regular maintenance such as: j

A.   Over oiling, conditioning and moisturizing your hair and scalp can smother it and therefore, not allowing enough air or water to penetrate layer and scalp pores.
B.   Using products with petrochemicals, petroleum, mineral oil and certain waxes, can leave residue and heavy coating that can block water and oils from penetrating into the hair’s core.
C.  Constant wearing of wigs/weaves (especially with heavy/thick foundation materials) can block air flow, cause build-up of oil and creams underneath to attract dirt/lint-which can also create unwanted odor. Wear your own natural hair uncovered for days or weeks between wig/weave/braid styles to treat your hair and scalp, and allow oxygen/air flow.
D.  Also avoid wearing protective styles (braids, weaves, wigs) for too long (3 months to a year) can cause your hair to lock involuntarily. Remember, this locked hair will be filled with dirt, sweat and residue and sediments. I can’t tell you how many times, I had new clients sit in my chair and warn me about how long they allowed their protective styles to stay in.
When I took off their wigs or uninstall their braids or weaves, OMGoodness! I’ve seen matted strands of hair, locked hair, and hair strands that looked like nests and webs that had to be cut out.
E.   Constantly applying creams, oils, sprays and conditioners/moisturizers to your hair and scalp without shampooing/cleansing, will also cause the hair to become dull and smothered.

A. Using thermal irons on your hair without protective products (serum, oil or cream) leaves your hair more vulnerable to heat damage, burn and dryness/dullness. Also, using extremely/very hot irons damages hair.
B. Constantly wearing wooly and other materials that cause friction on the nape and crown area or your hair can extract natural and applied oils, and also weaken and break off hair. It is good to also wear satin/silky caps or scarves during the night to keep moisture from escaping.

A. Constantly wearing rubber bands and other tight bands cause breakage by stretching and weakening the hair strand.
B. Wearing braids and protective styles with extensions can also cause breakage and scalp damage such as traction alopecia (balding disorder). You may see thinning and balding around the edge and crown of head from the constant pulling and tightness from braiding and sewing and frequently wearing your hair tied/pulled back.

C. Setting your hair on rollers (wound tightly) too tight can cause breakage.

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