Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cheryl is doing a summer special

Richmond VA Christian Natural hair-care stylist Cheryl is doing a summer special
About Me: 
Creativity, Artistic sense, People and Communication skills
As a professional, natural cosmetic formulator and artist, I have a proven ability to put forward creative, original and instantaneous ideas/designs/solutions for clients, and have showcased my technical and individual ability, and my passion for hair care over hair styling. My skill in this area has been acknowledged by clients throughout NY, other states and by other master stylists who have consistently provided their satisfactory, suggestions, expertise, and positive commentaries about my work. I have great interpersonal communication and social skills-not only as a hair care professional but also as an entrepreneur, mental health professional and life coach. Education never ends in any field. My goal is to always educate myself constantly to offer the best possible services to satisfy my clients. 
Miss Cee states, Time to get your hair done? Give me a call. Call or email me for a consultation.” You can also fill out a form on the website with your request/inquiry.

Natural Hair-care Specials from June 11 through August 9, 2014
All styles include a Conditioner/moisturizer
Natural Hair Double Strand Twist-$55 & up
Kinky Senegalese Twists-$75 & up 
Locs-$55 & up  
Extension/Yarn Locs- $125 & up                                                                   
Corn Rows-w/o extensions-$45 & up   
Corn Rows-w extensions-$55 & up 
Box Braids-w/o ext-$65 & up   
Box Braids-w ext-$95 & up 
Hair Weaves (Sew-in)-Full-$95 & up/Partial-$75 & up),
Flattwists-Full-$45 & up  
Silky Locs $125 & up (Only Black, Brown and accent color Yarn included)
Roller Set-$13                      
Straw Set-$20 & up          
Spiral Set-$20 & up       
Press & Curl-$35     
Permanent Colour-$18

For More info on location and Consultations:

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