Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Let This Inspire You to Birth Your Dream/Vision

A new line of organic and natural skin and hair products formulated by a divorced single mom who formerly resided in Queens, New York but now lives in Richmond VA, was presented in the health-food/products market.

After the economic crisis had manifested between 2010 and 2012, many jobs were lost, some corporations and organizations lost funding and money, and a lot of small and larger businesses suffered lost and had to shut down. So what are people doing to keep their head above the water? Despite the rise in crime, increase in poverty, and a sense of hopelessness as a result of the financial crisis in the US, there were some good stories that came out of this storm. Many people had become more innovative, creative and bold in their attempts to make it through. These innovators, visionaries and dreamer’s ideas were birthed in the midst of hardships. Maybe it’s because of the free time they finally had being unemployed  or with insufficient income and/or their feelings of frustration that worked as a catalyst and actually pushed them to tap into their creative concepts, ideas, and stirred up their talent and gifts that were lying doormat. Sometimes we get stuck working at places we dislike and may have given up on our dreams because we let society dictate to us our goals that are common and “safe.”
One lady suffered a tremendous decrease in her already low income/salary, and lost another job, and had recently received her Master’s Degree in social work field, always had a passion to develop her own line of natural skin and hair products. The products are made with organic and natural ingredients-with beneficial properties for the total-body. On her label-brand, she acknowledges God’s sovereignty and provision; crediting His divine creation of all things made. Read more

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