Thursday, October 16, 2014

Natural Handcrafting & Hand-making-Unforgotten Art!

It's imperative that we nourish of and nurture ourselves inward and out; including our hair which is attached to our bodies. It is one of the appendages of the skin. It is because of a lack of Knowledge that our health suffers aside from medical problems, procrastination and conditioning. The hair that’s been given us on our head serves two purposes; protection and adornment. Hair protects and shields our skin and scalp (head) from injury and elements in our environment. It also beautifies and enhances our appearance but most people are more concern with looking good over being in good health.

Hey, I found this video on investigating natural products and understanding
"Non toxic & Toxic Ingredients" By Anna "Beauty Experienced"

Taking care of our bodies and hair naturally in modern day societies had become more difficult for many than it was pre-industrialization (when products, clothing and food were hand crafted-great for small business owners) before transitioning from hand production methods & manufacturing to industrialization (using machines and chemical production- decreasing and eliminating many hand craft workers their jobs), and because of improper application of both hand and chemical, and even allowing untrained/inexperienced people to touch our body, hair and scalp.

There are harmful synthetic products that we use in our hair and our bodies that have harsh ingredients that may help in one area but cause damage in another. Understand, this is not to shun or knock anyone who used products with synthetic chemicals because even I use some products that are not 100% pure, raw or organic. Truth is; it’s difficult to escape ALL unauthentic/chemical-based skin & hair products, medicine and food. It’s great to be thankful for advancements in medicine that help save lives and preservation of food but can we do it in safer ways? Personally, I just try to minimize and eliminate as much as possible, the intake and digestion of harsh cell-killing, degenerative additives/ingredients/preservatives, etc.

How the saying goes, “When we know better, we do better…” Hopefully!

Just to bringing awareness because many people still do not pay attention to what enters their body through our skin and oral digestion. You may be aware but don’t assume that all do. I still continue to educate myself and others (clients and even people my age or older) on the benefits healthier diets not only for our bodies but also for our hair and scalp. Today, we are making more efforts to reduce toxic digestion to protect ourselves and children. Good news is that there are ways to detoxify our bodies and begin again-paying more attention to protecting our temples (bodies).
Returning to Handmade/Handcrafting:

Good news, we are going back to the ole’ landmark. Meaning, returning to using more natural, organic and homemade/handcrafted skin and hair products, and food-thus, an emerging of new small business owners and natural living. We are learning from our ancestors about controlling our own economy and maintaining our OWN healthier lifestyles. The End!


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