Thursday, October 30, 2014

What toxic Baggage Do You Carry?

Excerpt from my new book,

"I love being comfortable with myself. But this wasn't always the case. Many of us are still uncomfortable because we keep looking at the past scars, the bumps the bruises, the blemishes, wounds and the unknown ahead-that’s living with fear and crippling insecurity (won’t move pass go!). Many of us continue to hold on to the past and current failures, weaknesses, faults and have not learned to move ahead, learn the lesson and grow from these issues. Guess What?
Others can see these issues before they see us! Meaning, they get distracted by the scars, blemishes, bruises and wounds because we’re flaunting them by our communication and adorning of them. In other words, they see the victim and never see the victor." 

Toxicity of Baggage: We are so bombarded with images (TV/Magazine/Internet, etc.), societal stereotypes/generalizations, social media influence, and identity crisis-especially during adolescence, and it affects our well-being, relationships and self-concept and esteem that cause insecurities and the spirit of competition.

Healing from the Baggage: Wonderful news is that when we realize who we are via positive affirmation, esteem building, counseling, positive influences/people, learning to love ourselves and so on, we begin to heal and embrace our total self with all of our "flaws" and shortcomings because we realize that no one is perfect and without flaws or shortcomings. 

Here's an interesting clip from "The Real" of the hosts keeping it real about the baggage/insecurities they've carried and how it affected them. What a circle of affirmation and healing...

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