Monday, February 2, 2015

My Growing Fingers

Hey y’all, I was also told since my youth, that I had “growing fingers (hands)” because people felt that their hair grew quicker and longer as a result of getting their hair done by yours truly-ME! And, although it was a great compliment and confirmation that I really did have a natural passion and talent of providing hair care and creative styling, the reason really did not hit me until I was in my early twenties.

What I possessed and provided for peoples’ hair to grow and feel healthier were these:
1.       Patience
2.      Information
3.      Love
4.     Massages & Moisture
5.      Time
6.      Teachable
7.      Care & Technique

Seems like strange qualities to sum up hair and scalp caring but think about it.
1.    Having the patience to learn about my client’s regimen, life style and previous and current issues with their hair and scalp.
2.   Tenaciously researching issues with hair growth and healthy living and share the information.  I was serious enough to attend cosmetology school to learn about the chemical and biological structure of body and hair, and environmental factors or elements that affect the body, hair and scalp.
3.    Love  helping people achieve and maintain healthy hair and scalp, and I love being able to create unique styles.
4.    Applying my knowledge of how massages stimulate blood circulation/flow, and increase the flow of natural sebum from oil glands- (Sacs that produce sebum, which keeps the hair naturally lubricated and supple). Always believed in keep hair and scalp moist by implementing various massaging techniques and adding moisture and conditioners.
5.   Taking the time to care and create.
6.   Being  teachable-able and humble to learn as much as I could about improving skill and technique, and increasing my knowledge. I’ve never been the type to compete for the next “Top Stylist.” As a matter of fact, I am not a fan of intentional or deliberate competitions in most cases. I just love building relationship with clients and getting to know them and their hair. I believe in the village mentality that we can learn from each other perpetually.
7.   When I say technique, I’m not only talking about ‘how to’ do a particular style or method but I’m also speaking about the care that goes into technique (e.g., while braiding or twisting hair, I intentionally make efforts to keep hair from tangling or knotting up, and keep hair moist from scalp to ends-being mindful of how moist or dry the hair will be when it is time to uninstall it). Another example is how I usually detangle hair before, during and after shampoo by adding moisturizer or conditioner to hair for easy detangling before shampooing, I detangle with large tooth or brush during shampooing and after I apply a moisturizer and/or conditioner after shampooing-this all depends on the condition of the client’s hair and scalp.

Thus why I was/am called “Miss Growing Fingers.” I’m not doing anything that deep or a lot more than others, I’m just saying that this is how I care for hair and scalp.

(Author: Natural Hair Care Mobile Stylist-owner of His Garden Naturals and His Garden Naturals MobileSalon-Richmond, VA).  

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