Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Value your Business and Self!

scoping live-valuing self&your business

From Cheryl's Periscope TV Broadcast-Get Your Life Back Inspirational Coaching Tips.

Let's talk about valuing ourselves as a professional, entrepreneur, independent contractor, counselor, life coach, concierge professional, mobile salon professional, tutor, traveling spa, etc. You may have experienced similar challenges and situations as those I describe in video such as finding yourself constantly proving and explaining your: business values, personal values, level of integrity, prices, fees, services, specialty, and other details. 

Naturally, it is a part of our responsibility to inform, provide, give consult, educate and enlightened customers, potential clients/customers and participants about our type of services/products, how it benefits the recipients of those services and products, BUT! (not supposed to begin a sentence with 'but' but I am...) doesn't it get tiring and/or annoying to find yourself constantly convincing, persuading and bringing understanding to that individual who is just plain problematic??? I'm no longer standing around 10 extra minutes (unless I was a salesman only) Some jobs/employers require you to do this to make a sell. This is why this post is mainly addressed to entrepreneurs who have that option/flexibility to pick and choose who to work with and for. 

No matter what you say or how marvelous, wonderful, valuable your business, service or product is, they will always have a problem because they usually have an agenda/angle/ulterior motive to either bargain, challenge, critique or minimize what you do. I'm talking about these type of individuals you will encounter who may on an assignment (without knowing) to sabotage, discredit or maybe even PUSH YOU TO THE NEXT LEVEL! Now that's a positive prospective. It can help us to grow...Understand that sometimes, you are encountering someone's dysfunction, pessimism or emotional dysregulation instead of a sound mind (another post)...It's up to us to discern and distinguish the difference.

Some type of psychology is used in most type of businesses. It's definitely used in marketing & advertising firms when it comes to "consumerism" where a group of people come together to understand the climate, behaviors, mentality, culture, spending habits, interests, etc., from a macro-prospective in order to sell, present and persuade that community or individual to buy into or purchase/spend their dollars...whereas, we may work from a micro-structure (hands on/direct).

It's these kind of encounters that prepare us for future challenges and revamps of what we do and how we do them. With some folks, you have to kick the dust away from your feet and keep it moving toward those who appreciate what you provide/bring/do/serve/sell. 

Surely, this is my rendition of how I deal with it. What's your experience, and how have you problem-solved, resolve, handle, deal or remedied the situation?

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