Monday, August 3, 2015

Influential, Empowering and Inspiring Women

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There is a wonderful abundance of women helping other women as well as men. But to just concentrate on two influential women at this time, who may also inspire you...
I started following/connecting (via Periscope TV broadcast) with some great women who teach, assist, inspire and coach other women how to monetize themselves, brand, blogs and also promote each other's entrepreneurial endeavors. 

I want to feature/recognize 2 of these women that I come to admire and listen to from time to time, and who can be seen on most social media platforms. Ladies and gents:Mattie of Mattieologie, a Blogging Expert and more. 
IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A GREAT BLOG ABOUT FASHION, UNIQUE STYLE, BECOMING ENTREPRENEURIAL, MONETIZING YOUR BLOG AND MORE, CHECK OUT MATTIE, a fashionista, and more on! Follow the link to learn more about Mattie's purpose, service and mission is. 

And the other wonderful person is: (drum roll)- ADEEA owner of "The Trendy Socialite!" IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN AN INSPIRING LEADER and PURPOSE PUSHER COACH who inspire and pushes you to live your purpose. Adeea HOSTS/FACILITATE NATIONAL WOMEN GROUPS ON NATURAL HAIR CARE, WEBINARS AND MORE, Check out Adeea. What a fashionista! She broadcasts wonderful segments on Periscope with interesting and insightful tips, info, and inspirations.

These women will keep you on top of your toes inspiring you to live your purpose using your gifts, talents, passion and abilitie(s). Enjoy!

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