Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Soooooooooooooo Sorry

So sorry to have been gone for too long!

I missed providing valuable and interesting content, photos, interviews, offers and other info on my blog. I've been battling with a lot from my father being sick, helping him get established since he's moved in with me, helping my daughter with various tasks including moving, traveling to NY and other places, changing positions and training for the new position and more. Whew! That was a mouth full right! Well, I'm back. 

I want to add more videos and live streaming content. I have been working on my business and completing a premarital course to help couples before they say "I do" and more to add in my inspirational coaching practice.

So, I also want to ask what kind of relative content/info would you like me to share on this blog moving forward? And I would love to see more commenting and commentaries following post to get your feedback as well. Oh and yes, don't forget to sign up so you can join my Nurture Naturally Facebook Group. 

You know from perusing this blog, that we discuss, share and post topics about nurturing our health, hair, family, relationships, home, business, and more. It's all about enhancing our quality of life and being a blessing to others. Until the next post, Ciao! 

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