Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Control Those Emotions

Me in Charlotte Park side view

Thinking...I should do a live broadcast or webinar on controlling emotions and coping...so many clients of mine, friends, family and others I come into contact with, have verbalized and/or displayed their struggle with managing their emotions-often having outbursts/tantrums. They take out underlying and sometimes unaware issues on their loved one, cell phones (get thrown and cracked), walls, employers, spouses, children, etc. Of course, there are some things that happen in life that make us angry but when we often get easily angered (which is a secondary emotion-to something underneath) and find ourselves arguing over minor things that have nothing to do with what's brewing up underneath, we need to address these emotions early because they will and can make us sick psychologically, spiritually and emotionally.

I see this daily while counseling and coaching children, adults, men and women. BTW, I would love to send you my one page doc on managing your emotions daily utilizing simple interventions that can reduce stress, rising anxiety and anger in order to process negative feelings and thoughts before reacting and responding.

Some of you may be aware of but don't practice... and some you may be surprised of how powerful and effective these approaches to managing your emotions are. Just connect with me here by following or subscribing and I will sent it to you via email. Others have already taken advantage of these interventions and shared their testimony of how it has helped them in several ways. Yes! Nurture your inner-self. 

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