Saturday, March 4, 2017

Triumphing Over Trauma


Listen, understand and know that YOU CAN move on from any past and present experiences that may have/are emotional, psychological and familial painful if you really want to be free to live lighter. That is, letting go of the weight that so easily beset you. It is not fun walking around heavy on the inside -making it difficult to maintain stable, harmonious and healthy relationships. The effects of your unhealed places can sabotage many areas of your life. I want you to triumph over trauma. I want you to believe that this is possible.
  • One of the things I do when helping others heal is help them triage and assess their own level of emotional and psychological injury. So as you assess and identify the symptoms of hurt, pain that is often extended from your cellular memory thus, the reason you still feel the effect of that trauma when you think about it, you can move on to triage the level of urgency and care needed to address it or each issue in a multidimensional approach. This is a part of my trauma-focused coaching and counseling approaches that help you become self-aware of what’s going on internally, and begin the healing the process. (Symptoms: negative and hopeless attitude toward life and others, easily angered, self-conscious, pessimistic, critical, judgmental, etc.).
Key points to working through trauma:
  • Sometimes we can be predisposition from some type of profound traumatic experience such as abandonment, neglect, loss, abuse, etc., and this causes us to remain in a state of being perpetually victimized. I don’t believe you want to be forever the victim and not a victor. It’s time to delete this dark cloud that follows you in various areas of your life.
  • Unpacking themes and meanings formed from both repetitious and past traumatic experiences is key to your healing. Believe or not, there are themes and meanings that you operate and process thoughts from. We can hear the same message or words but they can mean something different to all of us based on our life’s experiences and events. The scary thing is that we make decisions based on these themes and meanings that can be faulty and therefore, detrimental to ours and other’s lively-hood.
  • Basically, these meanings have left an impression on you that have effected your way of thinking, processing info and communicating. These impressions become apparent to others and can actually push them away because they don’t know how to interact with you and your ISSUES (pain, symptoms, etc.).
  • Your trauma can leave a negative impression on them as well. Once you have assessed and identified the meanings behind your perceptions, assumptions and conclusions, the better you will understand and identify what areas that need to be dealt with, confronted and treated.
  • After doing the above work, becoming solution-focused would be the next step.
Know that you can heal from trauma and live as a whole person by working with a pastoral strategist or pastoral counseling, Trauma-focused coach or therapist, transformation and life strategist or coach and other human services individual and resources. These individuals and services can help you work on overcoming trauma and develop coping and life skill strategies to help you maintain a holistic healthy lifestyle.
Connect with  and also find out more about my services-helping people overcome trauma and break through barriers toward growth, healing, progress and success.
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