Tuesday, October 30, 2018

His Garden Naturals' Wellness Subscription Box

His Garden Naturals' Wellness Box

We Believe our Holistic Wellness kit will benefit you!

WE BELIEVE THIS HOLISTIC WELLNESS TOOL-KIT WILL BENEFICIAL YOU if you love the idea of receiving a box full of products and tools for Mindful, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional self-care. It contains spa products for relaxing and nurturing your hair, body and mind; inspirational affirmations; and tips and tools for managing emotions and relieving stress. Receive a wellness box every 3 months (quarterly).We surveyed therapists, current customers and clients, and our loved one's for feedback that inspired us with curating and creating these Wellness Kits/Boxes to offer. 

Order yours now as an advance purchase and receive it within 2-3 weeks due to holiday busyness 

We deal with so many things, people and encounter all kinds of traumatic and overwhelming events that can take us off balance emotionally, hormonally, physically and mentally. Because of this, we have to make intentional efforts to care for ourselves. Shouldn't we give ourselves permission to take care of our personal needs such as rest, relaxation, time outs, fun and more? Some of us forgot what that looks like right? We often take care of others as friends, parents, sibling, staff, spouses, etc.. Just don't neglect You! Mental Wellness is Important! Just wanted to remind you... Be well!

Ask about our subscriptions boxes mailed out every six months starting at $65.00...