Monday, June 1, 2020

How to Chill & Cope During Quarantine

      How to Chill & Cope During Quarantine

One day at a time! 

It’s June Wonderfully Made People and we’re still in the midst of a pandemic 
and advised to quarantine in many places. Many of have or are experiencing feelings of being “antsy” or anxious, bored or unsure about how we should 
move forward especially if our employment or business has taken on a different look/direction. 

Well in the video below, I‘m encouraging you to chill and 
relax and practice engaging in self-care activities during this quarantine in 
order to focus on “one day at a time” and invest in yourself, dreams, purpose, 
vision and more. Yes! I know Self-Care has been my main message this season 
but it’s a needed reminder.

I believe many of us can take advantage of this moment by engaging in 

“Me Time” aka “Self Care activities.” Some of us can take this opportunity to recharge and rest or Prep for a new transition and level in our lives after this monster COVID-19 pandemic is over. Let’s chat about re-purposing your life, experience or skill set… or revisiting projects and unfinished business. 

In the midst, I’m stressing the importance of learning to create “me time” 

Some of you are supposed to use this time to take mental breaks, rest more, 

plan activities, meditate, pray, and simply CHILL your busy mind and spirit.

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