Wednesday, March 3, 2021

How Funny Things Happen While Riding In Cars...


How Funny Things Happen While Riding In Cars...

be prepared to laugh and smile! 

Hi, everyone! I know, I have been such a stranger on this blog of mine because of my online business activities and providing mental health coaching to clients in my career position. One coping skill that my family have in common is the gift of humor. I wanted to share this vlog episode I recorded on me and my daughter's trip down to Portsmouth/Norfolk VA for my speaking engagement at a women's retreat. My daughter makes my life more fun and colorful and is my best road buddy. Smh! I don’t know where she came from… LOL! I can’t even say too much because I am constantly laughing while re-watching and posting this video. Does anyone else have a fun, crazy and humorous family members? Hope you enjoy our shenanigans as we did. 

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