Saturday, October 30, 2021

His Garden Naturals Pop Up Shop in Richmond VA


His Garden Naturals Pop Up Shop in Richmond VA

taking it to the streets

Hey, so I packed up the car and headed out to set up His Garden Naturals' pop up shop at Oak Hill Plaza for
curbside and outdoor service and selling our naturals body and hair products. Here, I am putting up the tent
and setting the table and collaborating with the other vendors.


Saturday, October 23, 2021

How to Install Faux Locs with Yarn Fiber


How to Install Faux Locs Using Yarn Fiber  

Cheryl Y. Howard -his garden naturals 

This is my favorite fiber when installing Loc Extensions. Yarn lasts longer in my experience and so much lighter in weight than using Kanekalon (synthetic) fiber. It feels as if you're wearing your natural hair from my clients tell me.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Loc Maintenance Using His Garden Naturals Pumpkin Butter


Loc Maintenance  Using His Garden Naturals Pumpkin Butter

Easy loc maintenance 

So as I was saying, pumpkin derivatives and pumpkin itself is awesome internally and externally on hair and skin. Watch me use it in one of my loc client's hair while damp and conditioned. Mobile styling allows me to tailor and customize my services more to my client's needs and wants. Here, I combined Pumpkin seed oil, Avocado, Almond oil, Olive oil and coconut oil. The pumpkin seed oil is what's creating the dark color. Love it! Here's some great articles breaking down the benefits of pumpkin, Six Surprising Health Benefits of Pumpkin, and The Health Benefits of Pumpkin & Its Power to Heal.