Saturday, November 6, 2021

What's Cooking Up In Our Kitchen Lab? | Behind The Scenes | His Garden Naturals


What's Cooking Up In Our Kitchen Lab? 


Ok, so this is another behind the scenes where we are currently formulating our products and as you can see, we're making our new CBD and Blue Chamomile infused products that help with skin, body and scalp conditions.

Work flow (packaging and shipping)

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Unique Benefits of His Garden Naturals’ Products is about multi-purposing: HGN wants you to exclusively get full benefits and treatment using natural and organic ingredients from God's good Earth. Our products are handcrafted and not overly commercialized or compromised in texture. Our Body Butters are "True" Butters made from quality fruit and Nut butters, botanicals-plant and essential oil extracts meant to use to add rich natural moisture, softness, emolliency, and conditioning to your body and hair as well. For color, we infuse extract from Annatto Seed and/or add Mica Powder from mineral rocks. In this video, we are preparing for placed orders now, then labeling then shipping this weekend. You need your fix? The Moringa Tea gives it an extra nutritional benefit and color. - #bodybutters #cbdoil #cbdinfused #cbdsalve #cbdbutter #naturalskincare #naturalhaircare #organicingredients #whippedhaircream #naturalremedy #cbdpainrelief #familyowned #naturalproducts #organicingredients #naturalingredients #homebased #handcrafted #motherdaughterbusiness #familyowned #motherdaughterpreneurs #whippedbodybutters

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