Reviews from Customers...

Michelle T. from North Carolina"I love Cheryl Howard! Definitely book your next appointment here "

Joan C. from Flushing NY. "I use the butters as night after cleansing my face, and it helps with the aging lines and moisturizes my skin making my face feel smooth and healthy. It works great under my make-up and I use the lip butters at night as well to add moisture to my lips because my lips tend to get dry during the night, and then I don't wake up with dry chapped lips. I really like His Garden Naturals.

Daryl R. from NY says: I am doing a personal ad promoting some wonderful hair, skin and body products. Its called HIS GARDEN NATURALS HOLISTIC PRODUCTS and Cheryl Howard makes all these natural products. My personal favorites so far: The shampoo and the citrus mint body butter. Made my hair and body feel and look fabulous!

Michelle from LINY says: I use your products on me and my daughters, especially when we get out of the shower and bath. We need some more! This time, I need to buy the large jar for all of us.

Imani from Jamaica, NY says: Good! Good! Good! I like that your products; It melts in my hand like butter; it's smooth and I would say it gives the skin moisture and my skin looks like it's moisturized. 

High school students from Frank Sinatra School of The Arts in NY says: These products makes our skin feel and look smooth. We love the aroma/smell. (They requested customized flavors and types).

Craig from Richmond, VA says: Cheryl, this stuff is gooood. When I use regular lotion I always have to put more on shortly after but when I used your body butter, it kept my hands moist all day even after I washed my hands, they still felt moist, and they're not ashy neither. Your product is good. I like it!

Michael from Kew Garden Hills says: Cheryl, the shampoo is perfect for my hair. It cleans my locks and it makes my hair smells great. My scalp feels invigorated and stimulated. I like the fact that the shampoo is all natural.This is my new favorite shampoo!

Angela from Kew Garden Hill saysThe His Garden shampoo is great. The aromatherapeutic essence of herbs and mint is fantastic and relaxing. I can feel the cooling sensation that feels very refreshing to my scalp. My hair not only looks great, but feels great and smells wonderful! Thank You Cheryl and the His Garden family!

Emily T. from Atlanta GA"I recommend that you get your hair done by    Cheryl. She is very professional, she promotes the importance of healthy hair. She has done my hair numerous times; Perms, weaves, natural curls, braids and more. If you want your hair to look good, Holla at Cheryl to get your wig did."

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