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From Cheryl aka Miss Cee, your natural care coach

If you're concerned the health of your hair and skin, and want to know about some of the ingredients that contribute to unhealthy hair & skin...
Avoid products with the following harsh ingredients that can cause dryness, weakness & damage to skin & hair: 

  • Parabens (preservative used to prevent growth of molds, yeast, bacteria and used in deordorants/antiperspirants and other personal care products. Also linked to tumor growth in body/breast due to being an 'estrogen mimicker' and bind cellular estrogen receptor. More info can be found here:
  • Alcohol Ethoxylated / Alcohol Ethoxysulfates (industrial process carcinogen ethylene oxide & phenols are added, found in laundry detergents, surface cleaners, cosmetics, textiles and paint). More info here:
  • Synthetic fragrance (highly allergenic). 
  • Synthetic colours (highly allergenic, irritant)
  • Petrochemicals/mineral oils (clogs pores and not biodegradable, obtained from other fossil fuels).
  • Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate (SLS) (highly allergenic, linked to nitrosamines, potent carcinogens that cause the body to absorb nitrates known to be carcingenic as well).
  • Formaldehyde (carcinogenic, associated with cancer, used in building materials and household products...) 
  • Phthalates (used in plastics, disrupts normal functioning of endocrine (hormonal) system, irritating  & highly toxic)
  • Phenoxyethanol (preservative 
  • GMO’s (genetically modified organisms in product/food that contain harmful chemicals)
  • Silicones (clogs pores and not biodegradable)
Ingredients in products that help with detangling and smoothing hair. Now, you'll know what to look for when you buy your next detangling solution: 
  • Silk Amino Acids (repair hair/skin)
  • Panthenol (tames frizz, repairs hair, detangles, prevent split ends & protects hair from heat
  • Cyclomethicone (tames frizz, adds shine & protects color
  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (curbs breakaga & softens hair)

Herbs that help stimulate hair growth:

Dulse: used to replace salt; high in iodine; minerals and vitamins.
Horsetail: use as a tea or capsule; helps to stop falling hair.
Rosemary: used as a hair rinse and oil for the scalp; strengthens the scalp.
Shampoo: designed to cleanse the hair and scalp but should not be used excessively because it can over shampooing can cause dryness.
Hair Oil: has been used in Ancient Africa for medicinal purposes; supplement hair’s natural moisture when the scalp does not produce a sufficient amount of sebum on the hair shaft.
Conditions: designed to do what sebum does naturally, and it provides coating, luster, suppleness, and manageability to the hair.

Natural Colon Cleansers:
Ground Flax seedOat BranPsyllium seed husks (could be sensitive on stomach),
Acidophilus-Kyo Dophilus from Wakunaga,

Aloe Vera Juice- Heals colon (rids inflamation) 1/2 cup 3 times a day
Kyo-Green- From Walunga or Greens (no #7 Sonne Organic foods
Vitamin C- Protects colon from pollutants, use a Buffered or Estherfied form
Garlic- Eliminates parasites from colon
Slippery Elm- Soothes inflammation, cleanses the excess waste from colon
Water- 8 Cups daily
Walking Daily
Carrot/Apple, Green drinks, or Papaya Juice
Wheatgrass, Lemon Juice or Coffee Enemas while fasting
Colon Cleanse Mixture- 1
Tablespoon of Bentonite, 1 Teaspoon of Psyllium Seed, 1/2 cup Apple Juice, 1/2 Cup Aloe Vera, and 1/2 cup Steamed Distilled Water. Take once daily until colon is clean and not foul smelling.

Coffee Enema- 2 Quarts of Steam Distilled Water, 6 heaping tablespoons of ground Coffee (not decaf or instant), Boil 15 minutes cool to a comfortable temperature, strain use 1 pint at a time. Refrigerate remainder. Use Vitamin E Oil to lubricate tip of enema bag. Head down, rear up, after bag is inserted, roll onto your right side and hold the solution in body for 15 minutes before allowing fluid to be expelled, stand up and move around until you feel the urge to expel liquid then go!... (This is not my recipe. It is from natural healing books, holistic nutritionists, and peoples' testimonials. 

Please consult a Natural Holistic Nutritionist or Herbalist Doctor) You could be allergic or sensitive to some of the ingredients.

Hair care

Trichology: is the branch of medicine that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp. Forensic trichology can determine the approximate age, body mass, race, and other important traits of the hair's owner. If you are having trouble with severe hair loss, baldness, breakage and a problematic scalp, a Trichologist most likely will be able to help clients by giving them an analysis and assessment of the issues. A digital microscopic instrument is used to examine hair condition.

Tips for Damaged Hair:

·Use moisturizing and conditioning treatments that penetrates the core of the hair strand and through the skin without clogging. Products with heavy mineral oil and petroleum can clog up scalp and block moisture from penetrating.

· Keep hair supple and moist by using moisturizers and conditioners and hot oil treatments. Moisturizers and conditioners should be applied from the scalp to the end of hair strands. This helps to combat dryness, breakage, brittleness and unruly hair. ( I can hear one of my former instructors saying, "get those ends" or when we did relaxers, she would walk around shampoo area shouting, "Neutralize 2-3 times to close those porous ends to prevent continuous chemical processing-eventually causing further damage to hair"

· Trim of dead and porous ends. When the hair has porous and dead ends the hair will begin to become porous from the ends all the way towards the scalp and cause more hair breakage and excessive shedding.

· Proper Tools: Do not brush damp hair but use a wide tooth comb to lesson stress and weakness caused by pulling and stretching the hair. Avoid overheated implements (curling irons, blow-dryers & pressing combs). Using tight rubber bands and tight hats that can rub out the edges of the hair and break off hair.

· Certain medications have been linked to hair loss. Chemotherapy, other cancer medicines, isotretinoin and other acne medicines can cause hair damage as well as lithium, which is effective as a treatment for bipolar disorder. One should seek the help of a physician to see if medications can be changed.

· Over Shampooing is also a factor in some hair breakage issues. Excessive shampooing or the wrong shampoo can rob the hair or its natural moisture (Sebum) from the scalp and hair. With African American hair textures that are more on the kinky side, does not need as much shampooing as other textures that are straight and have more moisture. Use shampoos that have moisturizers in it. Oily and hair that has a lot of moisture can use shampoos that are not as oily or moisturizing. This is too avoid heavy and weighted down hair caused by overuse or too much conditioning and moisturizing.

 Moisturizers/Oils/Conditioners & Its Properties
Shea Butter- Moisturizing, Healing, Sealant/Coat, good for Eczema & Psoriasis,
Coconut Oil-Moisturizing Healing, Luster, Penetrating
Olive Oil-Moisture, Conditioning, Healing, Psoriasis, Eczema.
Protein - Conditioners, Strengthens, Bonds, adds durability/pliability 

Proper application of Moisture to hair & skin:

Heavy oils and some butters can weigh down hair and block pores, and block moisture just as build up and dirt does. Avocado, Olive or Coconut Oil can help carry oils & certain butters through the cuticle (outer layer) to the hair's cortex (inner layer) and help water to retain/attach to inner layer. 

Using the what is now called "L.O.C" or "L.O.L.C.B" (liquid, oil, cream/liquid oil, leave in, cream, butters) a scientific method, seems to work best for many because it has the balance of water, oil and good cream to hydrate, stick/retain and seal all at once. You can create your own LOC solution for example: water, castor or black castor oil, coconut and/or olive oil and my favorite Jojoba oil and Almond oil that I use in most of my product line & the addition of Aloe juice/gel.  

This is not a new formula/solution. Growing up, I remember my mom and other women including myself when I was old enough to do my own hair, and now on my clients. We used these methods-only didn't give it a name.You can make your own spritzer or solution by putting it in a bottle with a spray or spout top that you can pick up from your local beauty supply store or pharmacy. 

It is wonderful how we go back to His Garden (God's natural gifts and benefits He created for us from the beginning) and after we try alternative/substitutes, we find that He already had a plan. Not there is something wrong with all alternative but all are not beneficial and using natural ingredients have proven to improve the alternatives!

Baldness Many African women are experiencing Alopecia Areata (Premature baldness). 

Hair Growth Hair grows on an average of 1/2 inch of hair per month (6-7 inches a yr) and sheds about 50-100 strands of dead (older hair) each day when it is properly taken care of (wash, condition, moisturized, brushed, destressed & trimmed) consistently. In most cases, we abuse our hair including myself at times by adding heated instruments to our hair and pulling from tight braids or weaves, so unfortunately, we do may not see our hair grow at the above rate and/or amount per month or yearly.

Causes of unhealthy hair & scalp:
 A. Chemical processing (relaxers, perms & color)
 B. Physiological: Medications, illness, lack of water in body, poor diet, mineral deficiency, stress (which could effect your whole body and cause imbalances)
 C.  Imbalances due to: Hard water (deposits of H2O), lack of protein-which breaks hair chain, deficiency in  moisture
 D. Physical: Bad products, heating irons, over-stretching from rollers/hot curlers, over-drying with blow dryers, and friction from hats, fabrics and night caps that are not soft or slippery like satin/silk.

A strand of hair grows from its follicle at an average rate of about 1/2 inch per month. Each hair grows for 2 to 6 years, then rests, and then falls out. A new hair will begin to grow in its place. At any time, about 85% of the hair is growing and 15% is resting. 

       Healthy              /    Damaged Hair Strands

Healthy hair

The shedded hair needs to be replaced, stimulation of the scalp is beneficial and mostly needed by using a natural bristle brush and massaged. A healthy diet is (crucial) and exercise helps our overall health. Drinking lots of water-moisture elasticity.

An old rumor/remedy says, "There is a Chinese and Ancient Indian exercise and technique used to stimulate the blood to the scalp's blood capillaries and hair folicle and papilla (hair-bulb) which feeds nourishment from the blood into our scalp and hair." Now you can try this with the addition of adding healthy food and scalp stimulation at least monthly to your health hair routine.  Brushing scalp and massaging scalp with head tilted upside down stimulates the blood to the scalp. 

Technique: lay across your bed with your head hanging down over the edge of the bed or stand on your head against the wall for about 8-10 minutes daily.

I do recommend this technique as it also will help the brain's oxygen level which improves our brain activity but if you have high-blood pressure or similar conditions-consult your physician please...

This information is in many health books , from Holistic Nutritionist, and in natural health food stores.

Contributions to changes in growth...
Hormonal changes, some skin diseases, iron deficiency, vitamin deficiency, underactive thyroid, and medicine can also contribute to the changes in our hair growth and cause baldness. Our hair may thin and grow at a slower rate as we get older and some people have experienced the opposite.

There is also such a thing a 'Female Pattern Baldness' where women lose the hair around the edges and in the center-top as well.

Possible Solutions: Not necessarily all natural but just options...

You can slow down the development of baldness by applying a substance called minoxidi (brand name-Rogaine) on your scalp. While minoxidi is available also without prescription, you can get finasteride (brand name-Propecia) by prescription.

Most of my clients who have female baldness wear hair pieces, weaves, braids and/or go natural to relieve the hair of chemicals and stress from any tight pulling.

Hair Clinics & Specialist:
Holistically "Mind/Body/Spirit"
Holistic Care "Mind; Body; Spirit"
 “I am passionate about holistic care (The whole person-Spirit, Mind & Body)-(From the crown  of our head to the soles of our feet). 

 It is vital for us to nurture ourselves in every aspect of our lives. In order: God, Love, Family, Wisdom, Balance & Neighbors.

   Have we gotten so far away from the creator's original plan of taking care ourselves, the earth and caring for those around us in our busy world? Are people today beginning to revisit the simple, organic and holistic ways of living; such as, how to take care of our hair and bodieseating to live & not living to eattransitioning not only with our hair but in our diet and workout. 'Today we can push buttons and controls, get surgery and take pills to lose weight and tame or numb pain. The natural way of losing weight entails exercise and eating healthier-less fattening and chemically-based foods. 
   To be fair, we're either forced or seduced/beguiled to partake in alternative methods instead of natural methods because of the changes in our society including poverty, industrialization-modern technology and such. We're bombarded with commercialism, consumerism and capitalism. Also, it is understood that many things are beneficial and helpful but we can easily become conditioned, addicted, dependent and enslaved by these unnatural methods. 
   Pursuing a life of peace, laughter, wellness and love; striving to live a life of love, biblical and family-values, morals, integrity, respect, wisdom, balance and neighborly care. 
The Kingdom health plan
 The Father (God) has an awesome health plan for us to utilize but we sometimes rely solely on man’s health plan. You ever asked the question, “Why folks in other countries WITHOUT health coverage are being healed miraculously?” Many have witnessed these peoples’ limbs growing back and tumors dissipating as the Word of God is being preached, and it was mostly “ACCORDING to THEIR” faith and also that the GLORY of GOD will be REVEALED!

Living In a Toxic Environment
Although President Obama’s new Health Reform for America is a law that supposedly puts an end insurance company’s abuse, and the new health law will incorporate fairness to ALL people who need coverage and sufficient medical attention and care, Earthly citizens need to refocus their faith on the Kingdom of God’s health plan. God has also created wonderful natural medicine such as herbs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, lentils, seeds, minerals and much more to help US take care of our temples (body). So we have to do OUR PART in maintaining our health especially since MAN has tampered with the production of food which causes much of our sicknesses, and our tremendous exposure to radiation and other cancerous substances. This means we should always give thanks to God and pray for his divine protection against all of these unhealthy additives such as; pesticides and hormonal injections and GMOs (genetically-modified organisms).

In other places where people do not have health care or adequate housing, food, medical professionals, local clinics, water, etc, citizens turn their belief towards God who can heal ALL manner of sickness and diseases. Their back is up against the wall. There is no system to rely on, and so all they have is their FAITH!

QuestionsDo you think your faith would be stronger if this country didn’t have so many quick fixes/remedies (surgeries, treatments and soothers but no cures), and medicine advertisements and commercials

·         What if there were a lack of doctors and hospitals?  Just an observation but so many of us run to the doctor quicker than seeking the GREAT PHYSICIAN (Jesus!).
The Father's WILL & HEALTH plan and benefits: favor; blessings; miracles; discipline; correction; joy; love; wisdom; righteousness; peace; justification; strength...
Don’t misinterpret this post. It is imperative that we visit our doctors, and take certain medications for immediate care but also put our trust in God because when all else fails, He has a Kingdom Plan! Prayer and medicine works good together!
Relative Sources:
The Bible: Psalms 103:1-5 Benefits (Redeems our life from destruction, forgives us, heals us, blesses us…)
Natural Cures by Kevin Trudeau (New York Times Bestseller)
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