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My Best Sellers:
My  CocoaNog Body Butter
A Moisture-rich and light aroma of coconut cream, cocoa and eggnog butter that Moisturizes, Softens and Comforts dry skin. Also Aids in restoring suppleness and flexibility to skin. CocoaNog is excellent to use directly after a shower or bath to replenish any natural moisture loss as a result of using harsh and drying body wash/gels. This combination also works as an multipurpose body butter that can also be used to moisturize the hair and scalp.

MyCitrus Mint Butter Cream Moisturizes, Conditions, Luxurious, Aroma therapeutic, Tangy, Vaporizing, Tonic & Energizing. This Citrus Butter has the benefit of ingredients known for their anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, antimicrobial & aroma-therapeutic properties great for the skin. It is also great for your body & hair. Great for Locs, Braids & scalp. Now called His Garden Naturals!

MyWhipped Pumpkin Body Butter Conditions, moisturizes & smooth dry, cracked & rough skin. This butter helps skin to become supple, flexible & healthy, luxurious feeling & look. It feeds the skin needed nutrients that help rejuvenate skin cellular. Pumpkin contains a high content of vitamin A & beta carotene, two potent antioxidants adding nutrition for the skin. Now called His Garden Naturals!

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Try Not to Waste Too Much Money on Products
  • Vitamin/Nutrient Shampoos: From a post about wasting money on Shampoos that are suppose to provide your hair nutrients and vitamins except most time the vitamins do not penetrate the hair follicle and strand. “Dirty little secret shampoo companies don’t want you to know—when you wash your hair with one of those nutrient-rich shampoos" Posted by-(Kronos, 2010).
  • Kronos is a great shampoo to solve this problem:  "Most of the nutrients and active ingredients in the product don’t actually end up in your hair, they wind up down the drain… along with all the money you spent on the shampoo" (Kronos, 2010). Read more on the Kronos site:

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Following are hair products made "with" (not only) natural ingredients

Hair Pomades: 

"Silk Elements Straight Edges Edging Gel" is said to provide longer lasting hold and shine. I use this edge control and now my daughter loves it as well to hold her edges down as her braid style get old and new growth begins to show.

"Design Essentials Sleek Max Edge Control" is said to provide a maximum hold while adding moisture, shine, distributes easily without flaking or hardening.
Motions "At Home Shine Enhancing Pomade" is said to be great for sculpting, molding, waving, shine, frizz control, non-greasy, smoothes hairlines, moisturizes and softening hair. Many use it for twist/braid outs, slicking hair into ponytails and all over grooming.

Hair Detanglers
Aunt Jackie's "Knot On My Watch" (an excellent detangler after shampoo) I personally use this on some of my clients with a large tooth detangling comb.
Soultanicals "Knot Sauce" is a popular Detangler and is plant-based. Known for detangling coils, matted and tangled hair. Best used on damp hair. More info on site. 
"Kinky Curly Knot Today" another popular creamy herbal conditioner and detangler designed to smooth the cuticle and remove knots, snarls and tangles from thick curly textured hair. 
"Cocoa Tree Detangling GHEE" with botanicals. Restores manageability, softens and elasticity to normal to very dry hair. Smooths cuticles, improves combing ability and reduces breakage.
 His Garden Naturals "Refresh Tea Tree Almond Shampoo" Detangles, conditions, moistens and softens while shampooing, restores manageability and sulfate-free. Use large tooth comb during shampoo to loosen hair, removes build up, and very lathering only needing a small amount. Straight from my own line of natural products-I formulated myself.

Miss Jesse's "Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo" has extra detangling moisturizing formula. Soft, lathering, good for all types of hair, removes build up, detangles knots, makes hair slickety-slippery-smooth, moist and shiny!!! I use this product as well sometimes as a second shampoo before or after mine.
"Dr. Miracles' Conditioning Shampoo" (a gentle cleanser) that conditions the hair and has natural oils in it for shine, moisture, strength. This shampoo is sulfate and paraben free.

Haitian, JBCO or Organic Castor oil have been said to        Stimulate hair growth,  Thicken hair & eyebrows/lashes, Moisturize hair, scalp & skin, Remove or decrease the appearance of stretch mark and softens hair and skin. Because of the oil's thick texture (stick-to-itiveness, ability to stick to strands), level of moisture it adds to the hair and scalp, and the addition of applying scalp massages, (whew) this combination is great!    

Additional products good for hair restoration also includes natural & unnatural ingredients but have helped many with their hair condition:

· H2 Ion Hair Repair contains healing ingredients such as shea butter, wheat protein and jojoba. This product works from the inside out and one of the best on the market. It heals damaged hair quicker and tests showed that the results lasts longer than most of the other products on the market.

· Dr. Miracles also has natural and stimulating ingredients that strengthens, softens, and conditions hair. Tip: In my opinion, is another one of the best products created today with scientific and natural ingredients to repair follicle, scalp, hair and for the body and skin care. Use the whole system for best results.

· Organic Root Stimulator is a wonderful product that contains natural ingredients for all types of hair care-natural-virgin or relaxed.

· Aveda Light Elements Finishing Solution leave-in conditioner should be added to damp hair to smooth frizz and control curl.

· Pantene has a few great moisturizing conditioners and shampoos that also add body and volume to limp and fine hair. Pantene for Women of Color is a great product for fine, thick, kinky and coarse textures. For women of color:

Favorite Pick!

These are a few of my favorite picks and reviews:

Okay so, I really like this Cantu shea butter Natural Hair twist & lock gel. It does not crisp or harden my hair but yet it gives it a nice hold, and my hair still feels moisten and soft after using it. For me, it does what it claims. I used to ignore this product about 2 years ago because I thought I didn't think it was of much value but I gave this brand a try. I first tried their hair cream lotion along with the twist & lock gel, and liked the way it made my client's hair feel and how her twists came out. It was after I saw her results, I decided to give it a try. I am pleased thus far, with the results on my own hair. I give it 4 thumbs up! 

Product review update: 'Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Pudding' works good on my hair. It's light & creamy but not heavy. Made my hair feel even more soft, defined my twists, detangled and more manageable, and it smells nice. I used for the first time while creating my twist out. I will post later. It's great for creating twists, twist/braid outs, and on curly/wavy/kinky/coily textured hair and it defines, add control and molds your hair in its set. I give it 4 thumbs up! 

Edge Controls:

Okay so, one of my top Edge controls that I use mostly is "Silk Elements Straight Edges Gel." Everyone's texture is is different and it is important to find out what works for you. Moreover, some people desire light or heavy edge controls for specific purposes. This edge control/gel is not too heavy or too light as far as its texture alone. Silk Elements is a Sally's brand and not available in every store but you will see it at "Sally's Beauty" supply store.

 “When I want to wear my edges smooth, slick, wavy or straight, I use my favorites “Cream of Nature Argan Oil-Perfect Edges Control Hair Gel” and “Karen’s Body Beautiful Naturally Chic-Sleek Strands Edge Control” The Argan Oil Perfect Edges leaves my natural edges shiny, straight and smooth for hours. You may pay between $4 - $6 for the Argan Oil Perfect Edges. It is light as well. Now some may need a thicker/stiffer solution. I give it 5 thumbs up!

Karen’s product does not contain harmful ingredients such as: parabens, sulfates, propylene, glycol, phlalates, mineral oil, paraffin, DEA, or artificial color and are cruelty free and tested on animals…info is on their site: It does cost approximately $16 which could be a little costly for some, and influence you decision. For those who appreciate or are passionate about using more natural products may not have a problem with higher prices if they can afford it because they may feel it’s worth it.

I am a formulator with my own line and let me tell you, each natural and/or organic ingredient can cost $20-$30 and up along with the cost of labeling, ink, printing, marketing, ordering and shipping/handling, testing, packaging, labor and much more and many cosmetic formulators such as myself, still charge too low and may just make enough to make fresh batches of product. Some of us are not willing to over commercialize (water down) our products to save on the cost of manufacturing but compromising our natural product integrity. To each his/her own. I’m not knocking anyone else.                                                                                                                  

Initially, all I used was ORS (OrganicRoot Stimulator) which is good too as an edge control but it hasparabens, and also for me, it sometimes turns white later on in the day, and I would have to put some natural oil on it to take away that white gel look. I am also aware from doing research that all of the edge controls work differently from person to person. One person’s review read “Argan Oil became flaky after 1 or 2 hours of wearing” it but for me, that’s never been the case thus far. Besides, I like that I can wear minimum product (Argan) and it wears off in the evening because I don’t like build up and too much residue that can clog up pores and also become difficult to remove from hair. May pay $4-6 for ORSNow some people prefer a stronger longer hold rather than using products that have more natural moisturizing ingredients that protect hair from dull and dryness. The Argan Oil keeps my edges feeling soft and somewhat moist. Other edge controls left my edges feeling dry or stiff after it wore off.  5 thumbs up for its strong hold!  

Now I have to try: 
Hicks’ TotalTransformationsformula of edge control since they’re stating that the product is new and improved.” It does contain Propylene Glycol.  It seems to be well liked and have claims of being a good hold and healthy. You may pay $14 - $15for this one.            

Dr. MiracleStyle Edge Holding Gel” has Jojoba Oil that’s added for shine and conditioning. Note: It also contains: paraffinum liquidum (mineral oil), propylene glycol, methylparaben, d-limonine…for those who are concern about the ingredients. This edge control is both light yet it holds enough to please a few buyers. I can’t remember if I tried this one yet. But if any of you have or will try it, please drop me a line or 2 of how it worked for you. Thanks! You may pay between $4 - $6 for this one as well. Cheryl! 5 thumbs up!

What is your favorite edge control?
influenster-Cheryl H.

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