Sunday, January 12, 2014

JBCO, Haitian Black or Organic Cold-Pressed Castor oil is beneficial

Well, While perusing the internet, I've witnessed several ongoing debates and disputes regarding whether 100% Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Haitian Black Castor oil or Clear/Yellow Cold Pressed Castor oil is better. 
  • My bottom line is: All are beneficial and add moisture to your hair, skin and scalp. All testimonials claim that it to helps to stimulate hair growth with the addition of massages. I believe that because of the oil's tendency to stick to hair strand and the scalp massages brings flow of blood to the hair's papilla bulb and hair follicles which feeds the hair and strengthens it. This is why it is important that we eat healthy enough to add nutrients in our blood and exercise as well.
  • As a natural hair care stylist, naturally I have clients who have put the JBCO/Organic cold-pressed pure Castor oil to the test and showed me the result of how it made their hair line grow back in, and their hair does appears thicker which is their desired outcome anyway. No arguments from me. So I came to the conclusion that, because of the oil's thick texture (stick-to-itiveness, ability to stick to strands), level of moisture it adds to the hair and scalp, and the addition of applying scalp massages, (whew) this combination is great! 
  • I must point out that many of their hair's density was originally thick (genetically) but fell out due to meds, friction against fabrics and traction alopecia, and their follicles were still open. I recommended that they can also mix the castor oil with coconut, olive, safflower, shea butter and avocado oil and once a month scientific brushing to help stimulate hair growth. Testimonials about this products claimed to:
  1. Stimulate hair growth
  2. Thicken hair & eyebrows/lashes
  3.  Moisturize hair, scalp & skin
  4. Remove or decrease the appearance of stretch mark
  5. Softens hair and skin
You Be the Judge on whether or not it works for you! No need to become argumentative! If it gives you the desired outcome you desire, then it worked for you. Hallelujah! 
   Black Haitian Castor Oil                    Organic Castor Oil                    Jamaican Black Castor Oil

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