Saturday, January 11, 2014

What I do Love About the Transitioning to Natural Movement/Touch my hair?

What I do love about the transitioning to natural movement...You can touch my hair?!.

African Americans / Africans / Individuals with Mixed (kinky-coily-curly) textured-hair who wear their hair in its natural virgin state. More and more children with types of textures are learning to embrace their organic-self. And because the truth is that our children and ourselves, can also be influenced by media images and celebrities, they follow suit. Many of today's African American/Mixed race celebs are wearing their hair natural. 

Adults and children are learning to maximizing their curl patterns and hair type, and becoming more creative with their natural hair styling. Especially now that there's many new products on the market for mixed-textured hair types. You may have to experiment to find that one that works for your hair type. Check out videos below about a "Can I Touch Your Hair" Exhibit in the park and comment about it here. 

Our current younger generation and the next generation are learning to love their hair as well as their cultural background, and remaining content instead begging for that "first chemical relaxer/perm" as many in my generation did when we were preteen and adolescent. My mom would not let me get a relaxer until I was in my latter teens (17, I believe). She was concerned about me damaging my hair and scalp. She was right! 

Results from my interviews: What I hear from most people that have transitioned from chemically-treated hair or from constantly wearing wigs or weaves that covered their hair to wearing their own natural hair is that, they feel free. That's actually a deep statement, if you think about the negative and self-hatred attitudes that African Americans or Mixed-races (African/Black mixed with other races) had or still experience living in the USA as a result of wearing their hair in locs, braids, twists, fros, knots, and more...

And check out these dolls that inspire and encourage little girls and adults alike, to embrace their culture and natural hair texture and hair styling. "These natural hair" dolls can be purchased at: 

Here are some videos related to this discussion

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