Saturday, June 28, 2014

5 Herbs Great for Stimulating Hair Growth



Stinging Nettle Leaf

Broccoli Seed Oil:  

Herbs that help stimulate hair growth:

Dulse: used to replace salt; high in iodine; minerals and vitamins.

Horsetail: use as a tea or capsule; helps to stop falling hair.

Rosemary: used as a hair rinse and oil for the scalp; strengthens the scalp.

Stinging Nettle Leaf Powdered Extract: Great for nourishes hair follicles, reduces scalp irritation, stimulates blood circulation to help encourage hair growth.

Broccoli Seed Oil: used as a natural sheen, moisturizer, (a natural alternative to silicon in products. It's an Omega-9 fatty acid, and its oil produces oxidative stability (longer shelf life/decrease rate of rancidification) and emolliency for all over skin and hair care. 

Other points:

  • Shedded hair needs to be replaced. 
  • Stimulation of the scalp is beneficial and mostly needed by using a natural bristle brush and massaged. 
  • A healthy diet is (crucial) and exercise helps our overall health. 
  • Drinking lots of water is good for moisture and elasticity.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Rules for Black/African American Women in the workplace compared to White women colleagues/co-workers

Huff Post Live Interview about the "unspoken rules for black women's hair in corporate America" 

Are you experiencing or have experienced the issue in the work place? or other place? "Ethnic" (wherever that word came from), African American, African or Black women today are more free to wear their hair in various African and natural styles but still face thatelephant in the room (that unspoken rule) that prefer them to wear their hair straight, wavy or pinned up and out of the way. Apparently, this is still an issue in corporate America as well as within other professions & occupations. 
Are we still expected to wear relaxed and curly permed hair in certain organizations and association? 
Black women are beginning to make more efforts to "define culture rather than letting culture define them"Jamilah Lemiex. Click Here to read more and check out live video interview.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

What is your usual natural hair style regimen during the week?

 What is your usual natural hair style regimen during the week aside from your fancy or formal styles for special occasion or when you want to dress it up?


This is my hair style regimen for this week after I uninstalled my curly tracks. I wore Twist outs for 2 days and Bantu Knots for 2 days. Experimenting with products-using a little of each, I used Carol's Daughter Hair Milk-Pudding and my own concoction of blended oils for my twist out after shampooing my hair (on damp hair) and for my Bantu Knots (on blow-dried hair), I used Cantu Shea Butter Twist & Lock Gel, Fantasia Organic Shea Butter Moisturizer Serum, a spritz of water, and my blended oil. My hair texture is fine and limp (also I believe a 3c) so it feels just like soft cotton but it's thin in density so my scalp easily shows. This is one of the reasons why I wear protective styles-because of the volume, length and/or density (fullness/body). 

My natural hair doesn't hold thermal curls for long. I can have a nice tightly curled style or set in the morning but as it gets closer to the afternoon and evening, my curls drop to the point where it looks like I had them in for a couple of days. Annoying at times and that's why I do my sew ins when I want to keep tight or soft curled thick-big hair styles. I give my hair a break in between protective styling to treat it, trim it and allow it to feel the air.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

His Garden Naturals Mobile Salon/Spa Intro

His Garden Naturals Mobile Salon/Spa Intro
Formulating custom made products, providing natural hair care, teach seminars, and we come to you. Hallelujah! or

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Just Your Classic Twist Out

Hi Again. Here's another tutorial. I am demonstrating how to do a Classic Twist out on wet hair.

This is just your classic twist out. Steps & Supplies used:

1. Co-wash and/or Shampoo hair
2. Deep condition, Instant conditioner or Hot oil Treatment (depending on condition of hair)
3. Towel dry (mildly-leaving it damp)
4. Add oil, and leave in conditioner (optional because)... See the video for more:

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Helping her to get back into school. A mother's outreach for her daughter.

This young lady Imani B., is an alumni of the Goddaughters Workshop, Leadership Academy, daughter of a divorced-single parent, and a current college student at Liberty University, majoring in Broadcasting/Communication and minoring in Theatre Arts. Recently, Imani was unable to continue classes by registering in coming fall classes due to financial hardship and relocating. I am seeking assistance for her to get back in school for August/fall semester. She is half way through her degree program and need to register for next semester this month (late registration) but is unable to pay the remaining balance of $1400.She had received a few scholarships, grants and loans but still left with this outstanding balance. Would you please help me help her to get back in school so she will be able to complete her education. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cheryl is doing a summer special

Richmond VA Christian Natural hair-care stylist Cheryl is doing a summer special
About Me: 
Creativity, Artistic sense, People and Communication skills
As a professional, natural cosmetic formulator and artist, I have a proven ability to put forward creative, original and instantaneous ideas/designs/solutions for clients, and have showcased my technical and individual ability, and my passion for hair care over hair styling. My skill in this area has been acknowledged by clients throughout NY, other states and by other master stylists who have consistently provided their satisfactory, suggestions, expertise, and positive commentaries about my work. I have great interpersonal communication and social skills-not only as a hair care professional but also as an entrepreneur, mental health professional and life coach. Education never ends in any field. My goal is to always educate myself constantly to offer the best possible services to satisfy my clients. 
Miss Cee states, Time to get your hair done? Give me a call. Call or email me for a consultation.” You can also fill out a form on the website with your request/inquiry.

Natural Hair-care Specials from June 11 through August 9, 2014
All styles include a Conditioner/moisturizer
Natural Hair Double Strand Twist-$55 & up
Kinky Senegalese Twists-$75 & up 
Locs-$55 & up  
Extension/Yarn Locs- $125 & up                                                                   
Corn Rows-w/o extensions-$45 & up   
Corn Rows-w extensions-$55 & up 
Box Braids-w/o ext-$65 & up   
Box Braids-w ext-$95 & up 
Hair Weaves (Sew-in)-Full-$95 & up/Partial-$75 & up),
Flattwists-Full-$45 & up  
Silky Locs $125 & up (Only Black, Brown and accent color Yarn included)
Roller Set-$13                      
Straw Set-$20 & up          
Spiral Set-$20 & up       
Press & Curl-$35     
Permanent Colour-$18

For More info on location and Consultations:

Kingdom Health Plan

The Kingdom Health Plan

The Father (God) has an awesome health plan for us to utilize but we sometimes rely solely on man’s health plan. You ever asked the question, “Why folks in other countries WITHOUT health coverage are being healed miraculously?” Many have witnessed these peoples’ limbs growing back and tumors dissipating as the Word of God is being preached, and it was mostly “ACCORDING to THEIR” faith and also that the GLORY of GOD will be REVEALED!

Although President Obama’s new Health Reform for America is a law that supposedly puts an end to insurance company’s abuse, and the new health law will incorporate fairness to ALL people who need coverage and sufficient medical attention and care, Earthly citizens need to refocus their faith on the Kingdom of God’s health plan. Read more...

Monday, June 2, 2014

9 of the Best Blow dryers to Use

These are just some of the best blow dryers to use because of silk ceramics, Ionic and Tourmaline which is a crystal boron silicate mineral (gemstone). Many of these types of dryers add/seal in shine, maintain moisture, are quieter, light weight, decrease/eliminate frizz and static, quicker drying time, and infused with silk proteins for smoothness. Of course, with the addition of using straight hair serums, balms, leave in conditioners, protectant and sealer creams and/or all natural products/ingredients. Check out a video below on techniques for blow drying straight and/or relaxed Black/Caribbean textured hair.

It’s about the combination of Ionic ceramic and tourmaline technology. Types of dryers best for your hair also depends on your hair type and condition. For example, if your hair is coarse long and/or thick, then ‘Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline Ionic 4000i’ is recommended because of its powerful motor and speed, along with the above technology. 

Why Ceramic Technology? It’s a composite material mostly made of clay and is in the inside of the heating element of the dryer. It helps the hair to dry quicker, coats the internal parts of the dryer-creating an infrared heat that penetrates the hair shaft to preserve your hair's natural luster and sebum.
Why Ionic Technology? It’s from a particle with a positive and negative or energy charge. The negative ions interact with wet hair by breaking up the water molecules to allow the smaller droplets to penetrate the outer layer of the hair-shaft; it also reduces frizz and seal in moisture and shine.

See why I gave Revlon Tourmaline 3 *** Check out Good Housekeeping's research in comparing dryers...

Brands I recommend to buy:
1.       ***Revlon Tourmaline Ionic 1875 Watt hair Dryer, $29.99        and Revlon Style Expert 1875W Ultimate Performance Hair Dryer, $34.00 at

4.         ITECH Isis Ionic Tourmaline Hair Dryer, 2000W, Model 83822, $90.00 at

5.        X5 Superlite Nano Tourmaline + Ionic Ceramic Turbo DC Professional Com Tourmaline + Ionic Dryer Tourmaline, $88.00 at

6.         Amika Obliphica Mini Ionic Dryer Styler, $55.00 at:

8.         Moroccan Oil Professional Series Hair Dryer, $220.00 at

9.         Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline Ionic 4000i, $159.95 at

Here's a video on blow drying relaxed Black-Caribbean textured hair: