Sunday, December 7, 2014

Natural Hair & Identity

How is Natural Hair and Natural Beauty Associated with Our Identity?
Do you feel more authentic as a person (embracing your roots, personality, characteristics & image) wearing your hair natural and/or living a life style as a naturalist (eating natural, wearing unprocessed hair, using natural products for body and hair?)
Unfortunately, many within the African American/Black/Urban community are still conditioned subconsciously to dislike or criticize their own natural hair texture. African American are not the only ones embracing the natural hair care movement. 

Boys to Men embrace the "going natural movement"which includes keeping your kinks... In this video below, A mother was flawed at a barber's denigrating action toward her son's hair textured that the barber had difficulty grooming and his only option was to cut this mother's son hair off (bald) and referred to her son as "Nigger.s" hair... Unacceptable! Many transitioners report feeling empowered and free with natural hair & face...Especially African Americans. 

To be honest, for myself, being or feeling pressured or institutionalized to ONLY wear chemically-processed hair and purchasing every new chemically-based product on the market can sometimes feels like bondage/slavery/stronghold in a since because we can become so accustomed to wearing and managing our hair one way "fried, died and laid to the side", we can forget how to self-groom/manage our own texture outside of pressing, relaxing or curly permanents. Thus, cutting becomes the ultimate answer. It's amazing that we have to learn and for some of us relearn the methods of basic natural hair care. Just a thought. No shade/criticism.

Are afros appropriate for Red Carpet events???
What do you think? I would like to hear your response and why. Do you also agree that the "Natural Hair Movement is also about African Americans/'Black people' ridding the historical shame of embracing natural and loving their features-nose, lips and skin color?

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