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gift someone with this empowering book"Let me out!"by cheryl for the holiday!

What a great holiday gift to inspire and encourage that friend, family member or special someone. You can plant a seed of encouragement that will move them to live on purpose by overcoming crippling fear, break generational patterns of behavior, understand their own purpose in life and in God, seek to find out who they are in Christ, fortify and form healthier relationships with others and more.
Through my testimonials about my personal struggles and issues such as overcoming molestation, fear and insecurity, adjusting to life after divorce to single-parenting, experiencing homelessness/displacement, and from having no HS diploma to earning a BS and two MA degrees starting in my 30’s, launching out into the deep to start my own business and completing this book, in the midst of my own crisis and this country’s economic crisis… Through Him, I have uploaded those dreams and visions that were lying dormant as he downloaded blessings and favor upon me and my daughter’s life. Read this book and understand how God fearfully and wonderfully created you for such a time as this!

I come as your mid-wife and life coach, and I wrote this book to push YOU to BELIEVE GOD and allow Him to empower you to live on purpose and fulfill His purpose, obtain goals, and walk in your destiny! So if you are ready to get out of a cycle, a pit, a curse, that maze or that place called STUCK, Just pray to God “Let Me Out!”

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Aside from prayer, important concepts that are keys to marriage empowerment are “intimacy, commitment, wisdom's directives, reality, God's sovereignty, the person, sexuality, communication and companionship"[1] All of these concepts work as goals to help strengthen a marital relationship. There are so many misperceptions and erroneous concepts about what it intimacy and marriage is, and what it entail thus, creating many couples to lose their way and stray away building a strong marriage. One of the main concepts lost in many marriages is the oneness by “entering a covering” together with the same level of commitment and respect for each other and God’s design of marriage.[2]
 The other external force that divides marriages, which is “God’s design” so oneness is not achieved is the enemy.[3] He despises God’s plan and develops wedges to separate husband and wives such as he did in the Garden of Eden between Adam and Eve. Satan’s mission is to destroy and God’s mission is to bring restoration and reconciliation. Cited in the text, and according to the United States Census Bureau, “one half of all American couples will eventually divorce, and 55 percent of all second marriages will end in divorce."[4]
   The text suggests that God created males and females to “function as a team” to experience creation and fulfill God’s plan on Earth.[5] Married couples have to work at cooperating in order to save or strengthen their marriage. By cooperating, both husband and wife must do their individual and collective duty to enhance their relationship through reading God’s word, praying, being committed, and following biblical wisdom.
   Just as God created a way of redemption through His plan of salvation in Christ, He also empowers us to remove the wedge of sin that enemy created through Christ. Christ in this case is referred to as “Christ, the wedge remover.”[1] Christ restores and mends broken relationships. Because of Satan’s wedge, the lack of unity and oneness is lost in marriages. Therefore, there are more unbalances in marriages today because of Satan’s plan. Adam begins to rule over Eve instead of seeing her as his suitable equal take dominion, communicate with, replenish and multiply the earth.
   Some of these unbalances in a married couples’ relationship stem from various teachings and beliefs about where they should take directives from. These various teachings are derived from secularism that teaches philosophies contrary or partial to Christianity by deleting God (taking Him out of the picture), and the Holy Spirit’s guidance from their marriage. 
   Secularists tend to focus on the ‘self.’ While it is true that Christians have borrowed from other disciplines such as psychology and other religious practices to integrate into family foundations or structures, and incorporated into Christian marital counseling and exercises, it is   God who helps couples to “work all things out for the good” in His children as they rely on His divine wisdom and sovereignty.[2] “Biblical reality” suffices as a powerful tool for couples seeking to enrich their relationship.[3]

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Introducing my specialty of "Scientific Brushing" for healthy scalp & hair, and stimulation of hair growth. Discussing my $5 off 8oz jars of hair & body butters offer, and providing natural hair care concierge services in Richmond VA. I’m extending my October $5 off special to November 30, 2015. So you can also use this as an opportunity to purchase products as gifts for the whole family. I will be filming my video demo about the benefits and application of scientific brushing that helps my clients improve their scalp conditions of itchy, dandruff and dry scalp and hair. It is a desired services but you can DIY at home. Although, it is better to have a professional stylist provide this treatment because of the methodology in application. Plus, you wouldn't get the benefit of being able to relax and relieve stress during the process. That's not fun.

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nurture your marriage/regaining intimacy

As a Certified Pastoral Counselor and a Qualified Mental Health Professional, one of my focuses and purpose is helping couples in their purpose to restore their relationship through increasing cohesion, improving communication, promoting forgivenness and hope, and restoring or increasing their level of intimacy...

Something I wrote (while on my pastoral ministerial soap box) on marital intimacy after reading and gleaning from  " Strengthening marital intimacy" by  Ronald E. Hawkins

Marriage today is in trouble and the divorce rate is high even within the church. Because of this fact, there have arrived many marriage and family programs, marital help books, seminars and marriage enrichment ministries that are designed to help nurture and strengthen marriages, and equip premarital couples. There are various societal and internal influences that affect couples and these influences are broadening such as negative poor examples of families on television shows, the lack of understanding of what God’s intent and purpose in marriage, depletion and lack of intimacy and commitment, emotional, spiritual and psychological issues that each partner in a marriage carries.

These factors cause wear and tear on the amount of intimacy, nurturance (providing emotional and physical support & care), and EFFECTIVE/POSITIVE communication in marriage. The truth is that God is no longer the third strand in many marital relationships, and society along with its people have deterred from God and His plan and values on marriage, found in the book of Ephesians 5:22.  The author Ronald E. Hawkins wrote a book titled Strengthening Marital Intimacy. His book addresses God’s design, marriage goals, commitment, sexuality, the foundation of marriage, communication and more. Studies have shown that strong marriage are beneficial to society because they add stability and a sense of community, and this ‘sacred’ institute creates financial stability as well because two people coming together create less of a financial strain within a household and can also provide financial support for both individuals in a marriage.

In regards to maintaining marital intimacy, without welcoming spiritual and wisdom directions, and influence from God, intimacy is often lost in a marriage and if any, marriage goals dissolve. It takes much prayer and effort to both build and maintain a strong marriage. Hawkins note, “God-honoring marriages do not just happen. They are the result of diligent prayer and hard work on the part of both husband and wife.”[1]Wisdom is revealed by God to help marriages. Marriage is no longer viewed and valued as a sacred and godly ordained institution. It is now treated as a daunting unbiblical relationship without the spiritual disciplines of prayer, and consulting the Bible for direction and governing.
[1]Ronald E. Hawkins, Strengthening marital intimacy, (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House, 1991): 10.   

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health conscious movement

People have been becoming more health conscious now more than ever. They’re tired of the pharmaceutical industry, spending money on meds that can only soothe, take the edge off and/or reduce intensity of target illness/condition when they could put their money to natural holistic products that can do the same and add healthy properties and benefits that may heal, protect, and prevent with little to no side effects that are not harmful.

Just about every commercial advertising medicine has nearly fatal side-effects that make you fearful of taking the meds. Of course, these traditional institutions ban, dismiss and reject many things that contain the words “Natural”; “Holistic”; Organic” or “Herbal”.

For your delight, here’s a list of Natural; Holistic; & wholesome products (food, skin & hair care, etc.) and brands:

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Healthy Communication Tip!

A Healthy Communication tip!

Healthy Communication is vital for any relationship (family, friends, co-workers, employers, couples, children, etc.) to be effective, productive and functional. Here's a tip from Coach Cheryl:

Digest That! Selah!

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For those single ladies in waiting that need to get their life back in the meantime...Let's do this with some inspiration from yours truly! Been there, done that...Sign up now for the November Group! Share with single women!

S.W.O.P Academy is an empowerment group centered on Single Women Inspiring each other to live on purpose in the meantime before entering marriage. We take the focus away from desiring to be married to a man, and redirecting focus/desire toward living a purposeful life of personal and spiritual growth, Finding your Godly-identity and earthly assignment, Achieving overarching goals, Inner-healing & maturity (encourage focus on our spiritual-physical-mental-emotional-behavioral health), Walking in discernment, Exchanging ideas and insight, Building careers and businesses, Accountability, Monthly prayer call, Reinforcing the practice of sexual abstinence, Breaking generational patterns and poor habits that sabotage our relationships and growth, and overall, living a life that is pleasing to God. Gleaning from the Wise VirginsMathew 25, and being inspired by “The Virtuous Woman“…Proverbs 31:10-31.

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identifying your hair's porosity

Identifying your Hair’s Porosity Is: key to understanding the condition of your hair and healthy hair journey

Check this video: A DIY Porosity Test By Sister Scientist:

What’s Your Porosity Level?
High Porosity: Easily opens/receives water and loses water/moisture within seconds to 2-3 minutes, hair may be highly porous.

Low Porosity: Smooth, tighter strands (cuticles) that do not easily open to receive water-sometimes harder to relax but can mean healthy balanced moisture and strong.

Normal Porosity: Hair strands (cuticle) receives necessary amount of moisture/water needed to maintain supple, moist and strong.

Self-porosity testing can identify your high porosity level.
1.       If you see that your does not retain moisture long, quickly dries after wetting and using conditioners/moisturizers/natural oils without petrochemicals, tangle/snarls & knots easily (even after wet or moisten), relaxers/straightens (perm) too speedily before distributing evenly/completely, then chances are, it’s damaged and/or highly porous…
2.      If your hair feels rough, crinkly or bumpy while gliding fingers from root to ends of hair strands, chances are, you may have highly porous hair.
3.      If hair soaks up water/moisture quickly when soaking, showering or dipping, and gets heavier, chances are, your hair is highly porous. The cuticle s is lifted very high and immediately (too quickly receives moisture which means retention of water will be low and easily lost.

 Causality of Porous Hair (damaged) and Strengthening Hair (low porosity)
Overly or Very Porous hair is usually referred to as damaged due to hair strands (Medulla, Cortex & Cuticle) weakened and not able to return to natural ability to stretch, curl, wave (original state) usually by using chemicals to alter your hair’s texture and over stretching…but this has been argued by many who feel that their hair is still considered health even with chemically relaxed hair.

Highly Porous Strands: can absorb and lose a lot of water simultaneously (not retaining moisture) which makes the hair vulnerable to dry, overly porous and weakened hair strands.
Low Porous Ends/Hair Strands: (low porosity) does not absorb as much water and can easily retain moisture from water, air and from products. This is where steam-moisture treatments and deep conditioners/moisturizers produce best results/response/outcome.

Hair manipulation/Cosmetic treatments Alter hair strand:
Carefully manipulating the hair during cleansing, grooming and styling is also a MAIN key to maintaining strength, healthy porosity and length. Overly rubbing, scrubbing, processing, shampooing and heating also causes high porosity and weakening of hair strands.

This is why in cosmetology school, my instructors stressed the importance of rubbing scalp with finger tips (NOT FINGER NAILS!!!) to use less physical manipulation (rubbing, brushing, combing, rubbing hair with towel/cloth, etc.), and cracking of the scalp-causing irritation, and cuts/openings in the skin. Another reason why one is not supposed to manipulate hair or scalp prior to chemically treating hair, thus, we know causes quick burning, scarring and damage. 

*Thus, Why Chemicals Do Not Agree with Your Hair Type/texture right now!*

Solutions that many use to correct this problem of highly porous hair:
Ø Apple Cider Vinegar rinse (Acid Rinse) after shampooing…usually ½ cup poured over hair for 3-10 minutes and rinsed out with Luke-warm water to tighten/close/smooth cuticles
Ø Luke Warm/Cold Water Wash Rinse
Ø Hair Smoothing/Strengthening Products (keratin/protein based shampoos, moisturizers & conditioners)

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