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Aside from prayer, important concepts that are keys to marriage empowerment are “intimacy, commitment, wisdom's directives, reality, God's sovereignty, the person, sexuality, communication and companionship"[1] All of these concepts work as goals to help strengthen a marital relationship. There are so many misperceptions and erroneous concepts about what it intimacy and marriage is, and what it entail thus, creating many couples to lose their way and stray away building a strong marriage. One of the main concepts lost in many marriages is the oneness by “entering a covering” together with the same level of commitment and respect for each other and God’s design of marriage.[2]
 The other external force that divides marriages, which is “God’s design” so oneness is not achieved is the enemy.[3] He despises God’s plan and develops wedges to separate husband and wives such as he did in the Garden of Eden between Adam and Eve. Satan’s mission is to destroy and God’s mission is to bring restoration and reconciliation. Cited in the text, and according to the United States Census Bureau, “one half of all American couples will eventually divorce, and 55 percent of all second marriages will end in divorce."[4]
   The text suggests that God created males and females to “function as a team” to experience creation and fulfill God’s plan on Earth.[5] Married couples have to work at cooperating in order to save or strengthen their marriage. By cooperating, both husband and wife must do their individual and collective duty to enhance their relationship through reading God’s word, praying, being committed, and following biblical wisdom.
   Just as God created a way of redemption through His plan of salvation in Christ, He also empowers us to remove the wedge of sin that enemy created through Christ. Christ in this case is referred to as “Christ, the wedge remover.”[1] Christ restores and mends broken relationships. Because of Satan’s wedge, the lack of unity and oneness is lost in marriages. Therefore, there are more unbalances in marriages today because of Satan’s plan. Adam begins to rule over Eve instead of seeing her as his suitable equal take dominion, communicate with, replenish and multiply the earth.
   Some of these unbalances in a married couples’ relationship stem from various teachings and beliefs about where they should take directives from. These various teachings are derived from secularism that teaches philosophies contrary or partial to Christianity by deleting God (taking Him out of the picture), and the Holy Spirit’s guidance from their marriage. 
   Secularists tend to focus on the ‘self.’ While it is true that Christians have borrowed from other disciplines such as psychology and other religious practices to integrate into family foundations or structures, and incorporated into Christian marital counseling and exercises, it is   God who helps couples to “work all things out for the good” in His children as they rely on His divine wisdom and sovereignty.[2] “Biblical reality” suffices as a powerful tool for couples seeking to enrich their relationship.[3]

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