Sunday, December 6, 2015


supporting/promoting small businesses

Supporting  other small business owners at the Supreme Flea 
Market. There are some creating individuals here. I love the 
supportive atmosphere and comradery. Got my mother working with me. She is great at drawing traffic toward my station/boutique. I need to change the name from Pop-up Shop or Spot to Boutique. A boutique is usually known (defined) as a store that sell expensive and/or valuable items. Anyway. In this video, I visit fellow vendors and promote their businesses. 


Meant to post this last week. I broadcast this video on Black 
Friday at Short Pump Mall in Richmond VA while my daughter was shopping. Reminded my followers, friends and visitors to come by my shop and take advantage of my sales.  Never shopped on Black Friday before except when I visited one of my best friends in Raleigh whom I took to the store on Black Friday last year so she could pick up a specific item from Walmart but even then and this past BF, the lines weren't that long in the stores we went into. Maybe it was because it was during the evening after some of the crowd decreased. The longest my daughter waited in line was 5-10 minutes. I was a happy camper. 

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