Sunday, January 3, 2016


 had a warm christmas,New Years & kwanzaa

HELLO  Lovely People!

Hope you had a marvelous and peaceful holiday. Spent mine with family and outings with my daughters-home from school break but leaving today...(me=sad face)


Let's see, we had, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah & New Years Eve traditions and celebrations.These wonderful holidays and traditions kept many of us busy and interacting with family and friends or snugged up at home watching feel-good movies and eating comfort foods. 

Well, this was some of our experiences but not for everyone.I am always conscious, prayerful and thoughtful of those who spent the holidays alone, shut-in, homeless or just plain unhappy. Personally, I don't get caught up in the hype during these seasons that cause many to feel stressed, pressured and depressed due to constant and sometimes 
bombarding advertisements= commercialism

centered on purchasing gifts. This pressure and tradition can also create adverse effects on those feeling bad about not having enough money to purchase gifts for their loved ones therefore, they can't wait for these days to end. I like to focus on the significance of a tradition and think of ways to be giving to 

others such as giving my time, money, food, love, compassion and prayers. Sometimes when people ask, "So what are you doing for the holidays..." it can be struggling to answer when you know you're not doing anything special or have anyone to share this season with but would like to...   

I'm not sorry for rambling on (LOL!) because I'm a natural advocate and intercessor, and can't help but think of others who suffered lost of loved ones, battling depression (all year long & worst during these times), and who are lonely. 

On a good note, I pray a prosperous 2016 as it relates to  our mind, body, spirit, family, friendships, soul & finances. 

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