Monday, October 2, 2017


diving in the frog

Sometimes you have to do it. @Sweetfrogstaplesmill


I'm just saying... As I usual state, "You have to treat yourself."
Last weekend I was feeling bittersweet due to summer's ending because I really love just throwing on one layer of clothing and flip flops or sandals, jumping in my car and outdoor activities. But...that's about to end soon since the weather is changing and getting cooler. Don't worry. I'm not depressed :). When my daughter and I stopped by Sweet Frog and sat outside to eat (dive in) our frozen dessert, I thought about the aforementioned again-how soon, I won't be able to sit outside because it will too chilly and then cold/freezing. :( Especially eating cold food or treats. I just wish Sweet Frog had more non-dairy selections for people who are lactose intolerant such as myself. 

I really have nothing major to chat about this time. Just wanted to vent and make this post serve as a catharsis effort to express my thoughts and feelings. Wow!  I think I forgot to  take a picture of my daughter this time around. I just realized that after posting my above opts that my daughter took of me. Sooo back to the change in seasons and weather. It's starting to get dark before 8pm. Oh well. I will live. Good news is, I have shifted my mind to adjust to transition and started looking for upcoming Fall events and found about 12 including many free indoor and outdoor local events. So I'm excited about it. Thanks to Facebook, I saw these events after posting my interest in two events, the list appeared. 

I would like to know which is your favorite season and why. As you can tell, I prefer Summer, Spring and early Fall. I had my share of freezing cold weather growing up in NY and not too long ago moved to VA where warmer weather last a little longer. Currently, we still have temperatures in the low to high 80's and 70's. I do like winter clothes (turtleneck shirts, blazers, leather boots, fir coats, fashionable scarves, etc.,) but I am starting to get a little tired now of throwing on several layers of clothing before leaving the house. It's more work :). Anyway, I'm signing off. I pray all well with you and your family. Don't forget to take care of yourself and others, and remember to treat yourself well. Don't self-neglect.

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