Tuesday, October 24, 2017



Yes, I have to talk about the wonders of adding pumpkin to you life again. Should I do a post about the many foods and products you can create with pumpkin? hmmm. maybe. Anywhooo, I'm so happy for one of my clients Ms. K, who shared with me that my natural pumpkin hair and body butter took her away her itchiness on her skin. 

During her last appointment, I shampooed, conditioned and oiled Ms. K's hair and scalp using my pumpkin oil blend and a leave in conditioner (yes the L.O.C. -liquid, oil & cream method) before re-twisting her hair roots. I explained the many benefits of pumpkin and how some of us only eat or use it during Fall season when it should be a regular part of our diet. As you can see below, I braided Ms. K's locs, sat her under the dryer for approximately 15 minutes because she will leave it braided for rest of the week before loosening braids to achieve the wavy look she desired in this photo. Ms. K noticed my supply of butters and  asked about them. I let her smell the samples and she fell in love with my Whipped Pumpkin Butter and got one to go! A few days later, she text me to inform me that when her skin was itching, she applied the pumpkin butter and it made the itch go away. Naturally, I smiled. For more info about my natural products and mobile salon services in VA, visit: www.hisgardennaturals.com or go straight to our store cart at: www.hisgardennaturals.fwscart.com  or my mobile salon site: www.hisgardennaturalsmobile.com 

FYI: Here are some resources to learn more about the nutritious benefits of pumpkin: 

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