Friday, February 15, 2019

Reconditioning Your Mind to Be Optimistic.


Hello darling! I know, it's been too long. I'm balancing and still working on being harmonious in all of my endeavors. Now, what's on my mind today is Reconditioning the mindset... Here's what I mean: 
You most likely know this already but I think it’s a good bookmark: I want to discuss programming and reconditioning your mind to be optimistic. The intent is to help you feel better emotionally and mentally.
Do you know that you can actually recondition your mind/brain to be more positive and optimistic-focused? It is a learning skill such being a good communicator that includes LISTENING to others.
Anyway, we can learn optimism from our family members and traits, and environment. Many times, I have to take clients on a journey into family history just to find a root cause or genesis of certain behaviors, thoughts and traits in order for them to better understand why they do what they do or think/believe the way they do.
In a loving peaceful home filled with emotional-regulated/stable people, a child will most likely develop healthy self-esteem, feeling of security, sense of safety, and being loved. This individual will be more optimistic throughout life compared to one who grew up in the opposite environment or atmosphere.
There are also other factors other than home environments that contribute to non-positive and non-optimistic mind such as our financial and mental health status. At some point, we have to take responsibility for our own happiness, peace and contentment.
The optimistic person will most likely be better at coping and thriving in life. I especially, want parents and premarital couples to be MINDFUL of this. I seen kids and know adults who inherited their parent’s negative core beliefs, pessimism and generational patterns of mistakes unaware.
Shucks, many of us can identify the good and bad we may have learned from our family because no human being is perfect without flaw. We are born into a dysfunctional world so I believe we must walk in grace, empathy and humility but keeping learning and growing. We WILL all make mistakes. Staying on a journey of self-improvement, growth and evolvement is key. Thus, the reason we need to work on being whole/healed and healthy within, in business, career, at work, in relationships, at home.
Two Ways of training the mind: 1. to be more positive-focused and optimistic is thinking of opposite thoughts of core beliefs. 2. Encourage and distract your negative thought or feeling with a competing or opposite mood/emotion by engaging in positive, humorous or interesting activities. This will help you develop a practice of not concentrating on what’s not currently working in your life.
Let’s break any cycles of dysfunction and brokenness.
Here are some more studies that align with my belief and observation on the topic:…


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