Thursday, April 11, 2019

His Garden Naturals' Pop up Customized Butter Bar

Would you like a local pop up customized body/hair butters bar?

We want to do another pop up shop for my company His Garden Naturals in Richmond VA, during summer. This time, at another location and, I want to create on the spot two customized blended butters for your hair and body. You would be able to order, get a ticket/receipt to hold on to it for approximately 30 minutes or later, and return to our pop up kiosk to pick up your jar of body & hair butter. Hmmm. How does that sound?  It would probably work better at a mall, flea market or outdoor event such as a festival or concert where people will be attending for several hours. We will always have the option of purchasing custom made online during these events. Tell me what you think? I would love to get your feedback and ideas that will help me make this effort a success. 

I was recently an opening keynote speaker at a conference for empowering women and  had the opportunity to  feature and sell some of my nourishing whipped lip, body and hair butters.  LOL! I took this from my daughters's instagram story below: 

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