Monday, April 8, 2019

Mother Daughter Talk On Taking Breaks - Supporting Mental Health

Take a break!

On Taking breaks for self-care and mental health wellness, Me and my daughter Imani teamed up to talk about things we do to maintain emotional and mental wellness while we were walking through the mall for brief walking exercise. We encourage you to intentionally reserve time to take self care breaks. Taking breaks are important to mental and physical health (emotionally, psychologically and physically) because you rest your body and brain. My daughter is definitely into fitness because her father (my ex-husband) and I were always into including healthy choices in our diet and her father was more of the workout parent. Although, we did work out together and walked in parks.

I started eating healthier before I became pregnant and only gave my daughter mostly organic and natural foods. She ate what we cooked and grinded. The only prepared baby food I would sometimes buy were from Earth's Best Organic Baby Food which was new to the market. Anyway, take a look at our talk on taking breaks:

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