Making Your own Handcrafted Natural Face Mask By Washington Examiner

Although I create and market my own products, I still believe in being smart or economical with your own budget. If you are patient and feel strong about using all natural products on your skin, hair and face, and/or have a low budget but want the best results that are non-harmful then get to your local grocers and/or in your home pantry, closet, bathroom and kitchen to collect what you need for quality and effective homemade products. And just to encourage you, I posted this video below that may inform and inspire you to do so... 

How To Make Your Own All-Natural Face Masks

Sharing a nice DIY natural kinky sew-in weave 

From Vixen Sew-in Vlogger- Ms. Amber Glamour on YouTube. She is using 2 (22 inch) bundles of Private Stock Hair Connection pure texture. It gives the appearance of having full thicker natural hair. This would work for myself because my hair is fine and thin.

 Homemade hair care Video!

Homemade hair care Video! 
Using Avocado, Vinegar, Water, Coconut oil & more...
Also, hair care tips. Watch entire video for other beauty recommendation/advice.

These Bantu Knots came out nice and more defined

One thing about giving my hair a break from wearing extensions or weaves, especially in the warmer months, is feeling the fresh (sought of fresh...) air breeze through my hair and scalp. Now that's exhilarating and liberating!   
 So this time, on my blown out hair. My steps:
1. Very little Spritz of water
2. Cantu Shea butter Moisturizing twist & lock gel
3. Fantasia iC Organic Shea Butter Moisturizing Serum
4. Natural oils 
5. Created 10-11 Bantu knots 
6. Covered hair with satin cap

Next morning:

7. Took down knots, separated them & Pin up the sides
8. Wallah! 

A week of my hair style regimen after uninstalling my curly tracks

My Rod Twist Set

Rod twist set and single flat twist front

tutorial demonstrating how to do a Classic Twist out

Hi Again. Here's another tutorial. I am demonstrating how to do a Classic Twist out on wet hair. 

This is just your classic twist out. Steps & Supplies used:
1. Co-wash and/or Shampoo hair
2. Deep condition, Instant conditioner or Hot oil Treatment (depending on condition of hair)
3. Towel dry (mildly-leaving it damp)
4. Add oil, and leave in conditioner (optional because hair will most likely be moist enough), Non-drying Gel/Pudding/Mousse/Setting lotion (optional-it just gives more hold/set), and have your water bottle ready to use as your hair will begin to air dry and you want to keep it damp while twisting)  
5. Comb hair with large tooth detangling comb 
6.  Section hair (optional for more control while detangling)
7. Begin parting sections for twisting (in any direction you prefer-pay attention to how you would like your hair to fall/lay when dry) 8. The rest of the instructions are on the video
If you try this style using this method, I would love to know your outcome. 

Note: waves and twists outcome vary depending on texture, health of hair and drying time. 

Quick tutorial on how to do a Mohawk double-twist updo

My First quick tutorial video of how to do a Mohawk double-twist up-do, done on my client.

diy Homemade hair care Concoctions you can do at home

DIY homemade concoctions you can do yourself at home if you have or make the time to do so. Back to Ole' School... We are going back to natural, healthy and less expensive. Folks used to laugh at Aunties and Grandmas and their natural handmade concoctions. Now we wish to and need to consult them on how they and/or their parents used to do it to maintain their tresses and mane! 
Learn DIY natural hair care styling, techniques, installing protective styles & maintenance
Breaking News!!! Presenting New Natural Hair Care & Braiding Workshops at York College Continuing & Professional Education in Jamaica (Queens) NY
By Master Natural Hair Care Stylist-Cheryl Howard...

Below you can Register Now!
Registration Closes On:February 1, 2014 12:00 AM for Workshop I 
Registration Closes On: March 22, 2014 12:00 AM for Workshop II
 Workshop I focuses on learning and improving natural hair care, braiding and twisting skills, sanitization and professionalism and learning healthier ways of caring for you and your family's hair and scalp. In this hands-on class, learn about the hair’s structure, textures and types, and the basics of natural hair care that will help strengthen, preserve and restore hair and scalp. Learn proper application of conditioners, moisturizers and roller/rod setting hair for either personal or professional enrichment. create and design braids, twists, flat twists, Bantu knots and cultivating locs. Students will engage in discussions and demonstrations on natural handmade formulas, proper shampooing, scientific-brushing & scalp manipulation for hair growth stimulation. Learn proper trimming, and hair detangling methods for all hair textures - curly, coarse, kinky and mixed textures, careful transitioning to wearing hair natural, nutrition, draping, sanitizing and sterilization of implements, communicable diseases, disorders of the scalp, and rules affecting hair braiding.

Workshop II advanced hands-on class emphasizes the art of installing various protective styles: goddess, individual and invisible braids, kinky & Senegalese twists, silky & yarn Locs, and flat twist with extensions, basic sew in hair wefts, hair style maintenance, and how these styles work in the transitioning process. Students will perfect their braid and twist stitching, trim away fly away ends, create neat and fancy parting, and uniquely design creative updos with braids, locs or twists. Also, explore how to develop basic but potent natural handmade formulas for skin and hair. Discover how to turn this art into a lucrative business as supplemental or sole income. At the end of the class, students will have learned a variety of protective hair styles and completed 1 or 2 protective hairstyles of their choice on their mannequin that they have learned from the course, and receive a certificate of completion. 

Register Now online Here

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