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nurtured naturally's featured product of the week!

His Garden Naturals' Featured product for the week and dry flat twist in preparation for a twist out



And here's my new doo...
Alright, still desire to rock the curls look. That's how we do it at His Garden Natural Mobile Salon...

I am also my own marketing and salon business promotion. I do my own hair, manicures (when I feel like lately... :), and body care. But when I want to get my eyebrows trimmed or wear nail tips, I no longer do them myself I go to other professionals to take care of all of that trimming, drilling, buffing and polishing as a way to relax and get pampered.

Also, below, are different shape faces and the best suitable styles to accentuate them...
For me, I have a pear shaped-face which means I can wear most/if not all hair-styles whether I wear bangs or not, curls, long/short straight bob cuts, ponytails, cornrows, individual braids, etc.

Oval -Oblong / Rectangle / Pear/heart / Square / Round / Diamond 

Below are my hair style clients and also posted as suggestions for your next hairdo! 
Peruse below...
Here, you can click on my website "His Garden Naturals Mobile Salon" to check out my clients and hairstyles, to make an appointment or a one time free consultation with me if you'd like and see more info and resources.

A Photo List of Some of My Clients Below:


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