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His Garden Naturals / His Garden Naturals Mobile Salon was featured live on BlackBizScope on Periscope September 25, 2015.

Black Biz Scope is a community initiative started by Pam Booker of Koils By Nature, Christine St. Vil of MomsNCharge and Adeea Rogers of Trendy Socialite to promote and support Black-owned Businesses. So honored to have been featured. Black Biz Scope opens up an opportunity for Black/African American Entrepreneurs to present/pitch their businesses live to grow/expand their brand and encourage viewers to to share these featured businesses on social media, within their communities and encourage participants to purchase from each other for economic growth and stability within the African American Community. BlackBizScope has been featured on, Madame Noire,,, and more.


Viola Davis Self & Her Beautiful Natural Hair on the Red Carpet

Viola Davis responds to Anderson's inquiry after he asks her if she finds it strange that people comment on her appearance and about her taking off her wig on the Red Carpet by stating, "No because she's an African American Woman"...and "I took off my wig because I wanted to step into who I was. I felt like every time I put on a wig, I was apologizing for being a dark-skinned woman with curly hair, like I was hiding it." 

Illegal Braiding???

Here's another article about laws prohibiting braiding without a license in the state of Texas. Anything "They" cannot control or a monopoly...such as other people's hard earn and honest money to make a living, becomes a problem and Uncle Sam wants a bite! Folks, hair-braiding and locking is not taught in traditional cosmetology or beauty schools. As soon as individuals began making a substantial amount of money by braiding, weaving and locking hair, the radar expanded thus creating problems and challenges for braiders. Okay, I get having a license to open up a business but a braider's license from a traditional beauty school? How? I get that when we step into providing professional services for/on others, we should practice sanitary methods to protect self and client from pathogens, disease control and hair and scalp damage. Cosmetology school does teach these pertinent information such as: disinfection and sanitation of implements and patrons and about chemicals and the human anatomy...For example: when I went to Beauty school at Wilfred Academy at age 17 and then again in LIBS in NY in my latter 20's, I learned that dandruff was contagious which was news too me...and how to carefully clean my implements to avoid transferring dandruff to clients. I was able to share this info with clients, family and friends. So I agree with being educated and mastering our craft but hindering stylists/individuals with a skill that will help them and their households economically, is unfair in my opinion. I agree there need to be some kind of certification and/or continuing education for proof of knowledge, conducting business ethics and professionalism. See story on Facebook link below for video: .
"Last month the state of Texas made it legal for anyone to braid hair without a license. Whitney LB Miller #dashcamdeets talked with salon owners who say the new law could hurt businesses across the board. What do you think?"
Posted by FOX 26 Houston on Saturday, July 18, 2015.


Arrested for Braiding

Jestina Clayton (college graduate, mother of three and a wife) from (originally from Sierra Leone) Centerville Salt Lake City, is a Braider and ran a business out of home. She was not a licensed cosmetologist, as required in Utah, when arrested. In April 2011, she sued Utah’s Dept of of Professional Licensing. Prior to arrest, she even received threats to close her business because it was illegal to practice natural hair care/braiding. She argued that the arrest was an unconstitutional infringement on her to make a living/income by doing performing a service that’s not included in cosmetology school. African hair braiding was/is not an art taught in beauty/cosmetology schools.  Jestina eventually applied for a license. She did win the case with a good lawyer from the Institute for Justice, who informed the court that the majority of hours in cosmetology training are irrelevant to African Hair braiding and there are no use of chemicals and heat that can damage hair. 

Also Arrested for Braiding:

Isis Brantley from Dallas Texas, founder of Natural hair parade & festival and first woman to open a natural hair braiding shop in Texas, was also handcuffed and arrested in 1997 (in her place of business) for African art of braiding hair and made major headline news.  Her case made federal court and her fine was $600. Isis was charged for violating her due process rights under the 14th Amendment. A state law-2007 states that those who teach, practice braiding, are required to complete 2,250 hours of barbering school, take 4 exams to become licensed/certified. The law required her to also convert her small salon into a fully operating barber shop in order to continue her business. She also had an attorney from the Institute for Justice representing her. Dept of Justice also reports that Isis was also stopped in Atlanta Airport for a weapon search in her hair. Because hair braiding was eventually included as part of barbering training, the state law grandfathered her as a braider/stylist and she was able to get licensing. Eventually Texas ruled their hair braiding law as unconstitutional therefore, deregulating hair braiding rules/laws allowing people to braid/twists/weave as a business without restrictions/penalty. It is now apparent that braiders cannot be included with same group/service/category as a barber and cosmetologist. Hear Isis' story straight from her: 


From the "What Would You Do? ABC's News Series hosted by John Quinones.

A few skits on what may be considered discriminatory practices/approaches to potential clients/business at this local barber shop in Harlem USA.

First skit: Brother steps into a barber shop to get a fresh cut/shape up at DennyMoe's Barber Shop in Harlem NY. He first asks an

African American male barber to cut his hair but he wasn't available so he was referred to a Caucasian male barber who was ready. The customer laughs and says, "You kidding me right? The White Cat?" He assumed that the white (Caucasian) barber didn't know anything about cutting black (African American) peoples' hair. 

Second skit: Script is flipped. Everyone in the shop rebukes/corrects advocates for the white barber-a professional with 1500 hours of barber training which speaks volume right there. Boom! The barber gets some love and fairness...What would you do? Check it out:



 "But I Don't Do Your Kind of Hair; I'm Terrified to Touch it!"

Stated by a hairstylist who works at TGF Salon in Houston refused to touch an African American potential client's hair. Dr. Lisa Thompson walked into the salon to get a wash and style on her short Kinky-textured hair by her stylist but she no longer works there. The stylist who was present told Dr. Thompson that she doesn't do African American hair but initially she said, "I don't do ya'lls kind of hair, I don't do it." This was definitely spoken an unprofessional manner instead of just stating that she is not experienced in working with African American hair. There is nothing wrong with that but it was how she said it that was offensive to Dr. Thompson who recorded this dialogue between the two. She said she was hurt and took it personal. Check it out here:

FOX 26 News | MyFoxHouston 


 Jessica Dickerson's article with the Huffington Post about the "unspoken rules for black women's hair in corporate America"

Are you experiencing or have experienced the issue in the work place? or other place? "Ethnic" (wherever that word came from), African American, African or Black women today are more free to wear their hair in various African and natural styles but still face that elephant in the room (that unspoken rule) that prefer them to wear their hair straight, wavy or pinned up and out of the way. Apparently, this is still an issue in corporate America as well as within other professions & occupations. Many women would love to wear their natural tresses or even braids and twists but are in fear of jeopardizing their job+income=paying bills and a roof over their heads. In an interview on Huff Post Live, Michaela Angela Davis-Image Activist, Jamila Lemieux-Senior Editor of, and Gia Lowe, Co-founder of Curly Girl Collective, discusses these unspoken rules. Gia discusses her first past (June 22, 2014) "Curl Fest" in Prospect Park Brooklyn NY, and her transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair and others responses to it. While working in a corporate setting, she discusses how her hair "became a focal point of conversation"...and co-workers felt the need to explain why her hair is styled the way it was as if to apologize for it...Listen here in her live interview.

Military Hair Regulations Regarding Braids & Natural twists. What do you think? Please leave a comment.

Is it true that white men appreciate natural black-textured hair more than Black men do?:

The author Dr. Corey Guyton, of the article,"White Men Appreciate Natural Hair More than Black Men: A Brotha’s Response"
is honest about his insecurities that cause him to not appreciate his wife's decision to wear her hair natural. He discusses the socialization of black men and how they have trouble embracing natural black hair styles and textures. The author also shares his childhood and adolescent years of being around black women within the church, school and home, who put relaxers in their hair so he didn't exactly grow up with the women who embraced their African-heritage or kinky-coily-curly texture. This proves the point made in a previous post here about the brain-washing, self-hatred, conditioning and ignorance that still exist in many communities and within family concerning this issue. Check out the article. Very interesting:
Breaking News!!! Presenting New Natural Hair Care & Braiding Workshops at York College Continuing & Professional Education in Jamaica (Queens) NY
By Master Natural Hair Care Stylist-Cheryl Howard...


Hair Braiding De-Regulation in Virginia:

I personally did some research on teaching natural hair care and protective styling and operating such salon/spa in the state of VA because I've have been contemplating moving there one day where some of my family lives. After submitting an inquiry (via email) to the VA/Maryland-Board for Barbers and Cosmetology Dept of Professional and Occupational Regulation, a representative replied: "Braiding (natural hair care) was deregulated by the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2012. No license from the Board is required to provide natural hair care services or to operate a natural hair care salon or school." Here's two articles I found on the matter: #1. Dept of Professional Occupational Regulation  states, "The General Assembly changed that law to lessen the burden on hair braiders, by establishing the separate braiding-only license category..." #2. Natural Beauty Examiner-Kenyada Jones.You can read these and leave any commentaries below in response to the articles and new law allowing/making it easier for stylist to practice natural hair care and braiding...and if you think other cities should follow suit

Negativity toward Beyonce's baby Blue Ivy's natural hair...

People are making negative comments about the way Blue Ivy's hair is-natural, curly and teased. Beyonce' noticed the self-hate and/or negative attitudes toward Afro-Americans who wear their hair out. Even among African Americans. When people from other cultures/nationalities or African Americans with straight hair wear their hair out, they don't receive the same comments/critique as those who have kinky, coily, tightly-curled textured hairRead more...

Hair Loss & Thinning After Child:

"Pearl Lowe has revealed that she started to suffer from hair loss and thinning when she had her middle child" (Pearl Lowe, Female First, June 5 2013) Read more...                            

Eric Benet's Styling, Hair locs & more:

Eric Benet discusses his personal sense of style regarding his clothing and hair locs on Style Blazer TV... 

Cultural Conformity:

Christian Women and Hair Coloring: A blog by Jenny Rae Armstrong about Battling the Inner Barbie Doll, Cultural Conformity and Dissatisfaction. Read more...

The Bible and Artificial Hair Styling:

The Bible and Artificial Hair-styling...An Article on by Author Robert L. Deffinbaugh,Th.M-Dallas Theological Seminary, discussing biblical rules on the styling of hair. "The Jews of Jesus' day sought to create rules for every particular situation, and thus there were (and still are) literally hundreds of rules. That is simply not the way God intended it to be..."


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