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From Abuse to Empowering others

This is Part 1 of an empowering and overcoming story of Fitness Coach Wendy Ida who dealt with an abusive husband. Check out how she got out of the marriage and transformed/nurtured herself and children’s lives. She is now a successful fitness coach helping others…Wendy shares her story during an interview on actors Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker's Strive to Thrive coalition /network. I'm hoping her story will inspire and encourage someone especially if you're in an abusive relationship(verbally, physically, sexually, financially, etc.)Below is the National Domestic Violence Hotline #

The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 

1-800-799-7233 | 1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

The Kingdom Health Plan

The Kingdom health plan

The Father (God) has an awesome health plan for us to utilize but we sometimes rely solely on man’s health plan. You ever asked the question, “Why folks in other countries WITHOUT health coverage are being healed miraculously?” Many have witnessed these peoples’ limbs growing back and tumors dissipating as the Word of God is being preached, and it was mostly “ACCORDING to THEIR” faith and also that the GLORY of GOD will be REVEALED!

Although President Obama’s new Health Reform for America is a law that supposedly puts an end insurance company’s abuse, and the new health law will incorporate fairness to ALL people who need coverage and sufficient medical attention and care, Earthly citizens need to refocus their faith on the Kingdom of God’s health plan. God has also created wonderful natural medicine such as herbs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, lentils, seeds, minerals and much more to help US take care of our temples (body). So we have to do OUR PART in maintaining our health especially since MAN has tampered with the production of food which causes much of our sicknesses, and our tremendous exposure to radiation and other cancerous substances. This means we should always give thanks to God and pray for his divine protection against all of these unhealthy additives such as; pesticides and hormonal injections and GMOs (genetically-modified organisms).

In other places where people do not have health care or adequate housing, food, medical professionals, local clinics, water, etc, citizens turn their belief towards God who can heal ALL manner of sickness and diseases. Their back is up against the wall. There is no system to rely on, and so all they have is their FAITH!

Question: Do you think your faith would be stronger if this country didn’t have so many quick fixes/remedies (surgeries, treatments and soothers but no cures), and medicine advertisements and commercials? What if there were a lack of doctors and hospitals?  Just an observation but so many of us run to the doctor quicker than seeking the GREAT PHYSICIAN (Jesus!).
The Father's WILL & HEALTH plan and benefits: favor; blessings; miracles; discipline; correction; joy; love; wisdom; righteousness; peace; justification; strength...
Don’t misinterpret this article. It is imperative that we visit our doctors, and take certain medications for immediate care but also put our trust in God because when all else fails, He has a Kingdom Plan! Prayer and medicine works good together!

The Bible: Psalms 103:1-5 Benefits (Redeems our life from destruction, forgives us, heals us, blesses us…)
Natural Cures by Kevin Trudeau (New York Times Bestseller)
Doctor Don Colbert’s Toxic Relief and Bible Cures
The Cornell Daily Sun:
Organizing for America:

Things to Inspire You to Nurture Your Health

Detoxing, Nurturing and reviving the city & community, and Urban Renewal 
 Communities that are functional are made up of people who share common concerns and issues, and work together towards a goal and similar vision. People are more productive because of the enhancements. The quality of neighborhoods in terms of housing conditions, poverty, toxicity, social structures, social networks, crime, educational institutions, residential mobility, and pollution affect the well-being of its residents including children and youth.
We have new health problems today due to urbanization and the growth of big cities because...Continue reading>

Be inspired by this man's journey from being 

near death to restoring his health and how he has help so many others break the cycle of living sick and unhealthy lives. I watched Joe's story last year and it made me want to cry because of the impact he's had on others and you actually get to see his transformation on film/documentary. I've shared
with family & friends who partake of his same journey to reverse diseases. Meet Joe CrossContinue reading>

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