Homeless/Transitional Housing:
Hands Up Ministries-                            
Provides safe, clean, secure transitional housing, recovering residences, and rental opportunities within beautiful homes on North side of Richmond, Employment tutoring assistance, Encouragement, Emotional, Behavioral and Physical support for those considered “unemployable” because of past felons, homelessness, displacement and more. 

Counseling & Mental Health Services
Provides biblical-based prayer counseling, and training in prayer ministry counseling for ministers, counselors and those seeking training in counseling. The ministry is located on the East end of Henrico county in Richmond, VA. 

Provides intensive in-home counseling and mental health support services for individuals and families. Located on West end of Henrico County in Richmond, VA. Helping them in a journey of healing, restoring broken/troubled familial relationships using latest research and approaches in psychology (attachment theory, trauma informed care-early-life traumas, neuroscience, affect regulation), community support for "at risk" individuals and families who are involved in legal/school/court system, and/or social services program as a result of family dysfunction, behavioral/emotional issues, substance abuse, sexual abuse, mental health disabilities and more.  

Programs for Children & Youth
This female empowerment after school program (based in Richmond VA) is designed to: Build up Self-esteem & Confidence with God-esteem, Sisterhood, Increase awareness of Inner-strength, Skills & Talent. Engage teens in College-mapping, Overcoming obstacles to goal attainment, Group discussions, Abstinence  education, financial literacy, Home Economics, Liturgical dance, Etiquette/Netiquette, Teen life coaching, Leadership, Health & Fitness, Intro to Cosmetology/Natural Beauty, Homework Assistance, Trips, Entrepreneurship, Healthy relationships, Sewing/Knitting/Crocheting/Quilting, Cooking, Summer Retreats, Gardening,Outreach, Healthy Communication & more.


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