Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Mother & Daughter Vacation in Atlanta, Food Review & Pop up Shop

So, in this quick video, I wanted to shares a little of our experience during vacation in Atlanta GA with my daughter a couple of weeks ago. I got to eat at three of the restaurants I had planned to try out and give my reviews of the Juicy Crab, Soul Crab ATL and Greens & Gravy restaurants. I also discuss self care, making time for self, and how I made extra money using one of my talents which is hair care because I am also a licensed cosmetologist. I actually made approximately $300.00 which allowed to save some of my traveling expense budget. I used the extra money to eat out, pay for gas and pay bills. You know I was a happy camper. Now I have new clients in Atlanta that I can let know when I come back.
PS, please let me know if any of you are residents of ATL and if you tried any of the restaurants I talk about and how you like living in ATL because I was contemplating moving their next year or so. Tune in.
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Thursday, April 11, 2019

His Garden Naturals' Pop up Customized Butter Bar

Would you like a local pop up customized body/hair butters bar?

We want to do another pop up shop for my company His Garden Naturals in Richmond VA, during summer. This time, at another location and, I want to create on the spot two customized blended butters for your hair and body. You would be able to order, get a ticket/receipt to hold on to it for approximately 30 minutes or later, and return to our pop up kiosk to pick up your jar of body & hair butter. Hmmm. How does that sound?  It would probably work better at a mall, flea market or outdoor event such as a festival or concert where people will be attending for several hours. We will always have the option of purchasing custom made online during these events. Tell me what you think? I would love to get your feedback and ideas that will help me make this effort a success. 

I was recently an opening keynote speaker at a conference for empowering women and  had the opportunity to  feature and sell some of my nourishing whipped lip, body and hair butters.  LOL! I took this from my daughters's instagram story below: 

Monday, April 8, 2019

Mother Daughter Talk On Taking Breaks - Supporting Mental Health

Take a break!

On Taking breaks for self-care and mental health wellness, Me and my daughter Imani teamed up to talk about things we do to maintain emotional and mental wellness while we were walking through the mall for brief walking exercise. We encourage you to intentionally reserve time to take self care breaks. Taking breaks are important to mental and physical health (emotionally, psychologically and physically) because you rest your body and brain. My daughter is definitely into fitness because her father (my ex-husband) and I were always into including healthy choices in our diet and her father was more of the workout parent. Although, we did work out together and walked in parks.

I started eating healthier before I became pregnant and only gave my daughter mostly organic and natural foods. She ate what we cooked and grinded. The only prepared baby food I would sometimes buy were from Earth's Best Organic Baby Food which was new to the market. Anyway, take a look at our talk on taking breaks:



We really hope these women will eventually be fairly compensated for their labor of making shea butter. This is important to me and my company of making natural products because we use organic Shea butter shipped straight from Africa that we pick up from Vital Health Foods in NY annually. Once in a while, we have even seen a few pieces of the nut or shell in our bags straight from the village. So different than purchasing local. I went on a YouTube binge of watching women in several villages creating shea butter. I wanted to share with you as well. I loooove shea butter for its many benefits but enough talking. Here's the two last videos I watched.

Women are teaching other women from rural areas, how to make shea butter.  This is powerful because women are teaching other women how to create income for them and their families. This is EMPOWERMENT! This is how it was many years ago when so many of our ancestors used their creativity and experiences to help their communities and become entrepreneurs which creates jobs for families.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Reconditioning Your Mind to Be Optimistic.


Hello darling! I know, it's been too long. I'm balancing and still working on being harmonious in all of my endeavors. Now, what's on my mind today is Reconditioning the mindset... Here's what I mean: 
You most likely know this already but I think it’s a good bookmark: I want to discuss programming and reconditioning your mind to be optimistic. The intent is to help you feel better emotionally and mentally.
Do you know that you can actually recondition your mind/brain to be more positive and optimistic-focused? It is a learning skill such being a good communicator that includes LISTENING to others.
Anyway, we can learn optimism from our family members and traits, and environment. Many times, I have to take clients on a journey into family history just to find a root cause or genesis of certain behaviors, thoughts and traits in order for them to better understand why they do what they do or think/believe the way they do.
In a loving peaceful home filled with emotional-regulated/stable people, a child will most likely develop healthy self-esteem, feeling of security, sense of safety, and being loved. This individual will be more optimistic throughout life compared to one who grew up in the opposite environment or atmosphere.
There are also other factors other than home environments that contribute to non-positive and non-optimistic mind such as our financial and mental health status. At some point, we have to take responsibility for our own happiness, peace and contentment.
The optimistic person will most likely be better at coping and thriving in life. I especially, want parents and premarital couples to be MINDFUL of this. I seen kids and know adults who inherited their parent’s negative core beliefs, pessimism and generational patterns of mistakes unaware.
Shucks, many of us can identify the good and bad we may have learned from our family because no human being is perfect without flaw. We are born into a dysfunctional world so I believe we must walk in grace, empathy and humility but keeping learning and growing. We WILL all make mistakes. Staying on a journey of self-improvement, growth and evolvement is key. Thus, the reason we need to work on being whole/healed and healthy within, in business, career, at work, in relationships, at home.
Two Ways of training the mind: 1. to be more positive-focused and optimistic is thinking of opposite thoughts of core beliefs. 2. Encourage and distract your negative thought or feeling with a competing or opposite mood/emotion by engaging in positive, humorous or interesting activities. This will help you develop a practice of not concentrating on what’s not currently working in your life.
Let’s break any cycles of dysfunction and brokenness.
Here are some more studies that align with my belief and observation on the topic:

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

His Garden Naturals' Wellness Subscription Box

His Garden Naturals' Wellness Box

We Believe our Holistic Wellness kit will benefit you!

WE BELIEVE THIS HOLISTIC WELLNESS TOOL-KIT WILL BENEFICIAL YOU if you love the idea of receiving a box full of products and tools for Mindful, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional self-care. It contains spa products for relaxing and nurturing your hair, body and mind; inspirational affirmations; and tips and tools for managing emotions and relieving stress. Receive a wellness box every 3 months (quarterly).We surveyed therapists, current customers and clients, and our loved one's for feedback that inspired us with curating and creating these Wellness Kits/Boxes to offer. 

Order yours now as an advance purchase and receive it within 2-3 weeks due to holiday busyness 

We deal with so many things, people and encounter all kinds of traumatic and overwhelming events that can take us off balance emotionally, hormonally, physically and mentally. Because of this, we have to make intentional efforts to care for ourselves. Shouldn't we give ourselves permission to take care of our personal needs such as rest, relaxation, time outs, fun and more? Some of us forgot what that looks like right? We often take care of others as friends, parents, sibling, staff, spouses, etc.. Just don't neglect You! Mental Wellness is Important! Just wanted to remind you... Be well!

Ask about our subscriptions boxes mailed out every six months starting at $65.00...

Monday, September 24, 2018



You know, you don't have to always use harsh chemical-based solutions to keep your house, office, class or gym smelling fresh and great. There are natural ways to deodorize small and large spaces/rooms, closets, bathrooms and even trash cans. I am not sure about you but as I get older, I am more conscious of how chemicals are affecting our health in various ways. We constantly inhale and even digest toxins through our skin, breathing and touching.  Essential oils and  herbs are great choices for the environment.

It's funny. Out society call natural ingredients, substances and materials "alternatives" when it should be the other way around. The natural existed from the beginning of creation from the Creator and anything that is a substitute or deviant from the original is really the alternative!!!

I am  in a constant process and progress of replacing harsh cleansers, detergents,  and  air-fresheners with natural or less harsh/harming/toxic products. You can find/Google a lot of natural remedies and solutions or alternative ingredients that you can CY (Create yourself). These essential oils work as a repellent Here are two natural and non-toxic methods to keep  rooms and spaces smelling fresh and deodorized. 

**Deodorizing Rooms: You can use cotton cloths, pads or balls  to dip into citrus (orange, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, etc.), and eucalyptus, rosemary, tea tree, peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon and lemongrass essential oils. Place it in corner floor of rooms or in something creative (faux plants, vases) or in waste/trash/garbage cans. You can spray or put drops of these oils in potpourri to help and space smell great.  

**Cleanser: Citrus, Lavender Minty oils work as an anti-bacterial and some anti-microbial agent in cleansers. Use them in kitchen, bathrooms and any room.  One simple formulation is filling a spray bottle with 2 cups of water,  1-3 teaspoons of Castile Soap and 10 to 25 drops of essential oils (depending on how strong of an aroma you want lingering in the room after cleaning). Shake solution a 5-10 times and begin spraying and wiping. 

** Bed Bug Infestation Prevention:  Shake drops of peppermint/tea tree essential oil or cayenne pepper near bottom legs of your bed, near floors, on corners and edges of floor near walls and doors. You can also do this on mattress creases and around trimmings/edges of mattress and pillows, and underneath sheets where bed bugs like to hide as well. In my research to find harmless ways to rid of certain bugs especially bed bugs, I found that cayenne pepper and these essential oils are used because they suffocate bed-bugs eventually killing them. If you suspect any, try this aforementioned alternative solution  immediately to stop potential infestation and protect yourself from getting bitten.  

Note/Bonus: Your bedroom will smell great for weeks, I tried this and my bedroom smelled like mint for weeks but I was fine with it. I did this when I worked as a residential manager /supervisor and had a bed bug situation where we had to heat steam the that house I worked in so I my routine became, taking off all of my clothes as soon as I walked in my own home, place my clothes in plastic bag, throw them in the hot dryer first, washed in hot/warm water then back in the dryer. The heat from the dryer kills the bugs as well. Other natural solutions used is baking soda and pesticide grade diatomaceous earth powder and lavender essential oil. 

*I found a simple video on how to use some of these oils and powders as a bug repellent: 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018



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