Monday, June 1, 2020

How to Chill & Cope During Quarantine

      How to Chill & Cope During Quarantine

One day at a time! 

It’s June Wonderfully Made People and we’re still in the midst of a pandemic 
and advised to quarantine in many places. Many of have or are experiencing feelings of being “antsy” or anxious, bored or unsure about how we should 
move forward especially if our employment or business has taken on a different look/direction. 

Well in the video below, I‘m encouraging you to chill and 
relax and practice engaging in self-care activities during this quarantine in 
order to focus on “one day at a time” and invest in yourself, dreams, purpose, 
vision and more. Yes! I know Self-Care has been my main message this season 
but it’s a needed reminder.

I believe many of us can take advantage of this moment by engaging in 

“Me Time” aka “Self Care activities.” Some of us can take this opportunity to recharge and rest or Prep for a new transition and level in our lives after this monster COVID-19 pandemic is over. Let’s chat about re-purposing your life, experience or skill set… or revisiting projects and unfinished business. 

In the midst, I’m stressing the importance of learning to create “me time” 

Some of you are supposed to use this time to take mental breaks, rest more, 

plan activities, meditate, pray, and simply CHILL your busy mind and spirit.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Book Excerpt | Devotion and Dinner Vlog

                             Book Excerpt | Devotion and Dinner Vlog

From my book "let me out" 

Welcome to one of my excerpts from my book from my chapter, "Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin." I read and expound a little from this chapter to encourage any of you to love who you are, flaws and all. When you are uncomfortable it makes others uncomfortable for you. I know you don't want that kind of attention and response.
I'm also cooking a small dinner afterward in my lil kitchen (for now) and then eating dinner with my daughter Love. I made salmon, green salad and homemade mash potatoes (no box stuff LOL). So keep watching and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE. I believe I will be vlogging more in 2020. It's fun and tedious when it comes to editing LOL. I get to tap into my artistic/creative side. Please leave your commentaries below this video to continue the conversation.

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Saturday, March 7, 2020


                                            SISTERHOOD WARS


Life Purpose Coach Cheryl talks about breaking cycles of communication barriers between women. Using the dilemma between the cast/co-host of THE REAL talk show and former host TAMAR BRAXTON. Cheryl discusses the PERCEIVED issues among Women and African American Women Relationship stereotypes and generalizations. Also, addressing how situations escalate because of "3rd Parties" aka Instigators.

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Cheryl's Get Your Life Back

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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

How to Be Soul Happy | Cheryl Y Howard



Welcome to remembering how to make your soul happy. Let's discuss self-care, personal fun and living in the NOW and embrace the moment. Do like and subscribe. Let me know what you will do that makes you feel great and a deeper level of satisfaction and contentment.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020


                                      INVESTING IN YOURSELF


Life Purpose Coach|Speaker|cOSMETOLOGIST 


* Learn key points about organizing and prioritizing your time, family, business, home, relationships and more.
* Cheryl discusses the importance of caring for yourself and investing resources, your precious time and value into your life.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Mother & Daughter Vacation in Atlanta, Food Review & Pop up Shop

So, in this quick video, I wanted to shares a little of our experience during vacation in Atlanta GA with my daughter a couple of weeks ago. I got to eat at three of the restaurants I had planned to try out and give my reviews of the Juicy Crab, Soul Crab ATL and Greens & Gravy restaurants. I also discuss self care, making time for self, and how I made extra money using one of my talents which is hair care because I am also a licensed cosmetologist. I actually made approximately $300.00 which allowed to save some of my traveling expense budget. I used the extra money to eat out, pay for gas and pay bills. You know I was a happy camper. Now I have new clients in Atlanta that I can let know when I come back.
PS, please let me know if any of you are residents of ATL and if you tried any of the restaurants I talk about and how you like living in ATL because I was contemplating moving their next year or so. Tune in.
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Thursday, April 11, 2019

His Garden Naturals' Pop up Customized Butter Bar

Would you like a local pop up customized body/hair butters bar?

We want to do another pop up shop for my company His Garden Naturals in Richmond VA, during summer. This time, at another location and, I want to create on the spot two customized blended butters for your hair and body. You would be able to order, get a ticket/receipt to hold on to it for approximately 30 minutes or later, and return to our pop up kiosk to pick up your jar of body & hair butter. Hmmm. How does that sound?  It would probably work better at a mall, flea market or outdoor event such as a festival or concert where people will be attending for several hours. We will always have the option of purchasing custom made online during these events. Tell me what you think? I would love to get your feedback and ideas that will help me make this effort a success. 

I was recently an opening keynote speaker at a conference for empowering women and  had the opportunity to  feature and sell some of my nourishing whipped lip, body and hair butters.  LOL! I took this from my daughters's instagram story below: 

Monday, April 8, 2019

Mother Daughter Talk On Taking Breaks - Supporting Mental Health

Take a break!

On Taking breaks for self-care and mental health wellness, Me and my daughter Imani teamed up to talk about things we do to maintain emotional and mental wellness while we were walking through the mall for brief walking exercise. We encourage you to intentionally reserve time to take self care breaks. Taking breaks are important to mental and physical health (emotionally, psychologically and physically) because you rest your body and brain. My daughter is definitely into fitness because her father (my ex-husband) and I were always into including healthy choices in our diet and her father was more of the workout parent. Although, we did work out together and walked in parks.

I started eating healthier before I became pregnant and only gave my daughter mostly organic and natural foods. She ate what we cooked and grinded. The only prepared baby food I would sometimes buy were from Earth's Best Organic Baby Food which was new to the market. Anyway, take a look at our talk on taking breaks: