Friday, January 23, 2015

Meteorologist Fired for Wearing Natural Hair???

Here are a couple of videos and a link to a video published on Huff Post Live, discussing Rhonda Lee-meteorologist dilemma over Rhonda's response regarding her hair and defending her African culture on Facebook to someone who criticized her short African American kinky-textured hair. The critic recommended that the station hire someone with long hair to represent it.

Now the Louisiana new's station claims that Rhonda wasn't fired for her hair or culture but that she'd been warned multiple times about responding to criticism....Rhonda states that she doesn't recall seeing any policy or email regarding this...

Another News Anchor/Journalist Rochelle Ritchie (Fox 5 News-West Palm Florida) also decided to go all natural to protect her hair from further damage due to chemical processing and years of wearing tight hair weaves. She was not fired from her job. Here's her story and stories of other women who were tired of the hair and scalp damage,  impact society had on their and little girl's image/self-esteem, and spending less money.

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